Spotted Bass prefer small to medium sized rivers. They are found in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. The Wichita spotted bass (Micropterus p. wichitae). They are quite aggressive hitting various lures. Impact of Introduction: The Spotted Bass hybridizes with the smallmouth bass when stocked in the smallmouth bass's native range or when both species are stocked in the same area. ). Spotted bass seem to segregated by habitat type from closely related species such as the large and small mouth bass. this is on Lake Greeson This video was filmed in July. W. Kerr Scott and Hiwasee reservoirs also contain good populations of spotted bass. This is not surprising as the Spotted Bass is native to the warm climate and waters of the southern United States. They’re rarely found in natural lakes unless they have been stocked there. At any given locality, spotted bass begin nesting a few days later than smallmouths. Spotted bass can be found deeper than smallmouth bass at depths up to 100 ft. Distribution and habitat. The Spotted Bass (Micropterus punctulatus) is also called Alabama Spotted Bass, Black Bass, Kentucky Bass, Kentucky Spotted Bass, Linside, Northern Spotted Bass and Redeye.It’s been known as the Kentucky bass … Spotted Bass introduced into central Missouri have hybridized with the native smallmouth bass M. dolomieu (Pflieger and Fajen 1970; Pflieger 1975, 1997; Whitmore 1983). I think a 2# spotted bass … They are quite common in Kansas, especially in streams and reservoirs with rocky shorelines. Guys have opined on every topic under the sun in this forum, but I have never seen anything on spotted bass. They appear in the smaller streams after high water in the spring and return to larger waters in the fall. In addition there are reports of hybrid spotted bass occurring naturally. Short afternoon on a few spotted bass. This is the most common type. They can also be found in slower and warmer turbid waterways that are unlikely to hold Smallmouth bass. Spotted bass apparently move annually between larger rivers and reservoirs and their smaller tributaries. Spotted bass can also be caught in Lake Norman and in the upper Cape Fear River, where they co-exist with largemouth bass. In North Carolina, spotted bass are found in several mountain reservoirs, with Lake Chatuge offering some of the best fishing. The northern spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus punctulatus). The spotted bass can be caught with casting, trolling and fly fishing methods.