I want to make sure I am pronouncing it correctly. How do you pronounce the Hawaiian words in the song? mah-koo-ah (Mah said like “ma” for mother; Koo like “cu” in “cu-cu clock”; Ah like “Ahhhhh, I got it!”), Almost all right. Like the road in Pee Rd in Poipu is not pee, lol, it’s Peh’eh. Since there’s no okina (or glottal stop) between the o and e, they’re not pronounced separately. Please and thank you. Even persons of Hawaiian ancestry may pronounce the street name where he or she grew up on incorrectly. This is the only tricky rule that requires experience to get it right. Thanks! Kah-hoo-nah (most people have heard the word kahuna – think “big kahuna”) More like the first, but with a W sound in place of your u, and as one syllable. pineapple pronunciation. If you know and can reply before May 10 of 2018, go ahead and reply. ‘Ahi — (Ah-HEE; Hawaiian) Tuna (usually bigeye or yellowfin); a … That said, I would feel confident saying this one verbally, but here is a stab at writing it phonetically as best I can with explanations since dialects can change how you might pronounce – I do this with typical non-regionalized American dialect in mind: None the less, I must agree with the general consensus that your guide here is succinct and a pleasure to follow and learn by. If it’s already past May 10, don’t bother, as it’s too late to help me. The fruit Pineapple is called as Pākena in Hawaiian . In “Kealakekua” the syllable “ala” is prnounced “ah-luh” with the first “a” being accented, the second unaccented. same as Mark said, just listening to the pronunciations and you will feel the rhythm scheme and catch on to the words as you go. How do you know how to pronounce the ai? Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua, I’m no Hawaiian expert – or an expert at proper phonetic spelling! would it be? I always thought ai was pronounced long I as in Hawaii Kai but my friend’s son’s name is Nainoa and it’s pronounced ay as in lay. In some places on the islands pineapple production has completely disappeared. I appreciated your introduction of the word “obnubilated” (made cloudy, obfuscated,; and “nubil” implies young/fleeting?). How do you pronounce “Ioulenei”? Particularly with “a” and “e”. Your email address will not be published. , I believe it is pronounced “pa ho eh ho eh”. How to say pineapple. Hey, how do you pronounce puke puke, as in bookworm? Most Americans say uh-bove, not ah-bove. Even though it’s now one of the three official languages in the state, Hawaiian was officially banned in schools after the kingdom was overthrown in the late 1800s. It might also be helpful to point out that every syllable consists of one vowel, one diphthong, or one consonant followed by one vowel or one dipththong. Rule 4. Pau pronunciation Pau. Even one of our tour guides on Maui didn’t know about the macrons. Many thanks! Thank you! The easiest way to remember is that a majority of hawaiian word’s vowels use the short sound. For Owili, the emphasis would be on the “vi” sound. Rule 3. So I think seeing the written syllables of correct pronunciations will help translate to paper from memory for you to truly find out what the MC said. Is the meaning “Gods Gift” correct or would it be different with a s at the end of God? Huai’na huia’na! To visitors, the unfamiliar letter combinations can be daunting, and the longer words can appear downright incomprehensible! How to pronounce: ‘Oiai’o nō. Does anyone know how to pronounce ho’onalu properly ? ? one pronunciation one. I’ve been going to a very nice park/beach Kanaha. Ways to say pineapple; Cebuano: pinya Edit: Filipino: pinya Edit: Hawaiian: paina Edit: Indonesian: nanas Edit: Javanese: nanas Edit: Malagasy: mananasy Edit: Malay: Nenas Edit: Maori: paināporo Edit: Samoan: nanu Edit: Sundanese: Danas Edit u makes an “oo” sound like the oo in “moo”, Note: A macron ( ¯ ) over a vowel extends the sound. How do you say Kale`a? Note: All proper Hawaiian spelling is used for all Hawaiian words on the Hawaiian language page only. Anyone who Plans to Visit the Islands Needs to Know How to Pronounce the Following Words: Listen Take the name of Hawaii ’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and pronounce it: hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-a-pu-a-a Phonetically pronounced: who-moo-who-moo-new-coo-new-coo-ah-poo-ah-ah. I have been adding classic Hawaiian lyrics to my repertoire and of course the Hawai’i state fish has been netted in the classic lyric of the 1933 July 4 Kona canoe races ditty Little Grass Shack. The glottol stop ( ‘ ) is your friend.