Qualitative research paradigm was dominated by the constructivist approach to solve the problems. In this article, you will learn about the concepts, strengths, limitations, and key differences between qualitative and quantitative research. Constructivist believe that there is a strong difference between qualitative research and qualitative research. The differences between quantitative and qualitative research are found in their respective definitions. Research is a popular tool to increase and enrich the stock of knowledge about something and someone in business, marketing, psychology, sociology, economics, science, technology, etc. Quantitative research, also called empirical research is the process of gathering, analysing and reporting data by commissioning surveys, experiments, observations, case … Philosophical Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Paradigms and ApproachesPrior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 1 in the Frost e-book, Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, and the required journal articles for this week. Quantitative research is also highly generalizable as compared to the qualitative research. Before going to what is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research? The distinction between qualitative and quantitative research is abstract, very general and its value is usually taken for granted. Also review last week s PSY635 Week Two Discussion Scenario (Links to an external site. This Paper is basically a Secondary Data collected and amendment of the data. The table below displays the differences of qualitative and quantitative designs in reference to its corresponding research aspects identified by Bryman (2012, p. 36), Creswell (2013, p. 18), and Polit and Beck (2011, p. 13): Table 1.1 Differences of Qualitative and Quantitative Research According to … The qualitative research is conducted to understand a concept about human behavior, whereas quantitative research is conducted to collect factual data about social phenomena. We have to understand what the research is. 2 RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY AND QUALITATIVE INTERVIEWS IN THIS CHAPTER: CHOOSING A PHILOSOPHY OF RESEARCH DIFFERENCES BETWEEN POSITIVIST AND NATURALIST–CONSTRUCTIONIST PARADIGMS ... use quantitative tools, techniques that empha-size measuring and counting, are called posi- Figure 1: Differences between Qualitative a nd Quantitative Research Strategies In overall, the quantitative re search design a nd variables are determined previously data collection started. ). In This Paper we Collect, Discuss and Analyze the Data which can be helpful for the beginners to understand the concept of #Qualitative, #Quantitative, #Ontology, Qualitative research paradigm.