Festivals. It offers the best local breakfast in the city. When in Sorsogon, you must give these 5 unique foods that defines Sorsogon culture a try: 5. Commemoration and Main attractions: is celebrated every year to mark the parting of Sorsogon from Albay. basic profile; Partnerships ; Tourism. SORSOGON CITY Sorsogon City Government Official Website. 26. demonstration project; resources; Festival. Sorsogon isn’t just an island-hopping destination, you can also go waterfall-hopping. Hin-ay Festival (Irosin, Sorsogon; September 28-29) This festival is a commemoration of the feast day of the town’s patron, St. Michael the Archangel, and at the same time a rediscovery of the town’s cultural heritage. The province of Sorsogon is a promising destination offering extensive travel experiences may it be an adventure, heritage, culinary, nature and so on. Home; City Profile. Sorsogon has several tourist attractions that even for three days my friend and I weren’t able to completely visit. Last October 17, 2011 we had a feast laid out before our eyes- the Historico Cultural Parade of the Kasanggayahan Festival. Feast on native delicacies of Tya Tinay’s and Epie Jaymalin. Tya Tinay’s is a 4th generation-run eatery at Plaza Bonifacio, Sorsogon City. The cool waters allow visitors to douse the summer or afternoon heat. Festival Profile; Festivals; Event; Sponsors; Program & Projects. You can find waterfalls in Bulusan and Casiguran. The Kasanggayahan Festival, perhaps, is the largest celebration for the whole province of Sorsogon. Welcome to Sorsogon City; Getting there and getting around; Staying in; Magazine; Climate Change. Menu Skip to content. Ting'udo Festival. These destinations provide scenic trails and beautiful surroundings. Karakol Festival. The festival traces the struggles of the people of Irosin at various stages of its history and aims to renew the enthusiasm in community building. The new group of Gubat Sorsogon Surfer's Association, still under Bidge Villarroya is now performing well in the National Surf Competition Scene, winning 5 national surf championships and numerous finalist positions. There are still a lot to uncover and experience in Sorsogon. Many of the Sorsogon festivals and events are offshoots of Christian religious traditions and are given a local distinct variation. Date range: Oct 10 Location : Makilala, Cotabato Commemoration and Main attractions: fruit harvest festival References: triptheislands.com. Kasanggayahan Festival. Gubat is the Top 1 in Ngo Sport Airsoft Society by the NGO Bicol Sorsogon Chapter. Bayugin, Nasipit, Palogtoc and Namuat Falls are just some of the spots to include in your itinerary. Celebrated during the month of October every year, this festival is the commemoration of the declaration of Sorsogon as a province. Well, that’s a reason for me to go back. A celebration of bountiful fruit harvests highlighted by a fruit festival. The Kasanggayahan Festival in Sorsogon is an annual celebration in commemoration of the founding of the province. Various cultural, historical, religious, and social activities are held over the course of the whole month of October to mark the festivities. 27.