Think Crucial Replacements for AeroGarden Sponge Filters Fit Miracle-GRO AeroGarden Pumps, Reduces Dirt & Debris in Pump, Increases Life of AeroGarden Pump (10 Pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars 145 AeroGarden 971151-0100 Replacement Pump, Model # 200623 This notification is for models with 2 CFL bulbs in the hood. Remove the filter from the pump, remove the screw which holds the pump electrical connector to the housing. Diodes have a 2 - 4 year lifespan. These units aren't that big and can even be mounted on the wall to save space. I’m fairly certain the answer is no, but can I put in new plants without the filter or do I need to order a new one online? Unplug your AeroGarden. Categories . Aerogarden without filter . Page 3 Remove Pump and Clean Pump Tower Follow the steps whether your are cleaning a Pump from a planted AeroGarden or … The only bad thing about these units is that the boards are not coated for protection from water and chemicals. I cleared the plants out of my six pod aerogarden and I accidentally took out the small, black spongey filter with some overzealous trimming. We love ours because we can grow veggies indoors all year round. I premix my water into a bottle and then add it to the Aerogarden. Pinch two legs together slightly while lifting up on the black plastic piece on the bottom until it comes out. AeroGarden Replacement Filter Pack: For use with all AeroGarden Water Pumps (sold separately) Keeps roots out of pump for optimal flow; For best results, replace pump filter with every new seed kit planted; Package of five ; Explore this item. The best place to get replacement Aerogarden parts, including bulbs, pods, and parts like replacement pumps is the Accessories page on the Aerogarden Web site We also have blog posts that point you to places where you can find affordable alternatives for grow lights, replacement pods, and liquid plant food. Posted by 2 months ago. Change your water every few weeks – if you are using the Aerogarden nutrient tablets this is especially important otherwise you will end up with nutrient buildup which could block your pump leading to pump failure. Remove Grow Surface and place in sink (or on towel) as roots will drip water. Aerogarden without filter. 10. Remove Bowl from Base. No, you do not to replace the lights yet. Push up on the pump to remove it from the base. Page 2 Filter Wire Slot Remove & Save AeroGarden Water & Seed Pods Skip this step if your AeroGarden is not planted and proceed to Step 2 on page 3. A simple solution is to buy an AeroGarden, a self contained unit that has everything built in. There is one screw which holds the base on hidden by the pump, remove this screw and separate the two pieces of the base. If you have the LED light hood, you do not need to replace your LED lights until individual diodes begin to fail. Close. Specifications; Comparison Chart; Features; Manufacturer Part Number: Model: Brand : Manufacturer: You are viewing.