Learn more about cookies. Amazon Associates Disclaimer:As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is best suited when you are on top of a stage overlooking the audience who are either standing or sitting on the floor below you, as is the case for clubs. By pushing the front speaker arrays either in or out, you can easily switch through the 4 different outputs to suit your situation. Whenever you do that, the Bose F1 automatically triggers internal sensors that adjust EQ to performance requirements. The ability to support a variety of layouts and handle different venues adds to the great audio quality. The charcoal grey color scheme runs throughout the whole speaker. While a great feature, it doesn’t offer adjustable height. The Bose F1 812 has two line channels complete with their own Signal/Clip light and Volume Knob. This ingenious design ensures everyone hears loud, clear sound spread evenly across the whole room. After all, musicians want diversity, and we have to offer them something new.’’ This will up the low-end capabilities of your sound system. That’s because the speaker already has a low-frequency driver that takes care of the low frequencies. It measures 26.1 x 13.1 x 14.6 inches and weighs 44.5lbs (20.4kgs). You’re right. But if you are performing for a larger crowd, you may have to get two of each unit. You know you are onto a winner when you find yourself with a massive grin on your face without realizing it. You might want to choose some other unit. There are two input options available on the Bose F1. The F1 812 and F1 sub packs a punch for audiences of live bands, small corporate events, private parties, and places of worship. You’ll end up with the ultimate portable array PA system that can deliver 4,000W of power with line-array precision. The difference is in how you access and adjust them. Many people also love the portable and easy to install nature of the system. The only downside is that the mounting stand located at the rear of the sub is not adjustable. This compact Bluetooth speaker still packs a good punch. Just like the F1 812, the sub also has a Volume knob, Limit front LEDs, a polarity switch to adjust the subwoofer’s polarity, and a line output EQ to switch between Full Range and HPF (through a high-pass filter at 100Hz). The flexibility that it offers to handle a wide range of venue types is great. Does it deliver? Both of these are more upgrades rather than different models. Knowing where the crowd will be can help you determine how high your speakers need to sit. Well, it’s simple- the design is innovative and ground-breaking. What it does offer is affordability. There are some good accessory options for the Bose F1. If you are after something more compact there is the Bose S1 Pro as an alternative option. If you do play a lot of gigs it’s a wise investment. The combination of vertical lines and horizontal lines also sets it apart from other speakers. Take the time to learn and adapt the setup to the venue. If you don’t intend to pick up the subwoofer unit you can mount the F1 on a standard tripod speaker stand. If you’re a smaller band performing for an audience of hundred or less, you can easily get by with only two Bose F1 Model 812 without necessarily having to buy the subwoofer. Innovative thinking, solid engineering, and limitless ingenuity went into the design process that birthed the Bose F1 model 812. After scouring Bose F1 812 reviews it’s hard to find people that have bad things to say about the speaker. The next option is a “Reverse J Position”. To have the same mentality applied to a portable performance speaker is great. The warranty is transferrable when ownership changes. Depending on what configuration you need there are options available. The J pattern is used when delivering sound down to the audience and not up. This simply means getting two 1000W F1 model 812 speakers and two 1000W F1 subs. The Bose F1 PA speaker and F1 subwoofer both come with a 2-year limited warranty covering electronics as well as a 5-year warranty covering transducers. No shortcuts when it comes to the Bose F1 812. There are four coverage patterns: C (top and bottom array facing in), J (bottom array in, top array out), Straight (top and bottom array facing out), and Reverse J (bottom array out, top array in). This creates an all in one solution to setting up your speakers. Heavier than most other speakers in this size range. The grey color scheme also stands out in a subtle way. Before we dive into the review it’s worth covering one of the challenges musicians face when buying speakers. Plus it blends really well in both casual and commercial settings. The internal EQ will adjust to the performance requirements. Sitting behind is a 12-inch woofer for the low end. Tucked neatly in the front are 8 drivers, with each driver mounted on a 100-degree custom waveguide, to handle the high and mid frequencies. All Rights Reserved. While the Bose F1 is a fantastic speaker there are other options available. Traditional speakers use an onboard DSP with an LCD screen. From floor-level stages and stands to elevated halls, every new venue presents a different PA coverage challenge. You will get the right amount of speaker power to hook and entertain hundreds of audiences in relatively large venues. Usually, this would result in a heavy speaker. You and I get to access reliable audio equipment such as the Bose F1 812 that delivers the best sound for live gigs and other events at a low cost. By pushing the front speaker grilles in and out you can adjust to 4 different output patterns. Many beginner musicians overlook these simple steps. It is perfect for live bands, DJs, houses of worship, parties, and presentations. Bose F1 Model 812 Review – Quality and Reliability Guaranteed. Not that you’d expect it to break down anytime soon. If you are on a tight budget it is a good option to get you started. The textured finish also helps to protect from scratches and marks. Here are some other speakers to consider. This technology allows you to shape the speaker’s vertical coverage pattern, so you can easily direct high-frequency sound to where the seats (and people) are. The two class-D amplifiers pump 1000 watts of power, ensuring stunning and articulate sound across a frequency range of 43Hz to 20kHz and a maximum SPL of 132 dB. This is great if your audience is standing and you are not located on a stage. Even the optional sub looks attractive. Quite the opposite: you’ll not be disappointed at all! It also has a few options other speakers don’t offer. Excellent sound quality across all frequencies. That said, the Bose F1 812 allows for the most flexible and customizable stereo experience. Let’s find out. This leads to positive reviews and more bookings and recognition. You will be paying more than average but you do get an above-average speaker. Each of these different venues presents its own set of challenges for you as a performer. Due to the flexible array speakers, you adjust the output by manipulating the speaker itself. Per application, each Flex shape serves a specific purpose. Getting to grips with the size of the venue can also shed light on whether you’ll need extra speakers or a subwoofer. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll sound great no matter what the venue. It’s, without doubt, one of the best portable line array systems for musicians and speakers who perform for medium to relatively large audiences. If you’re a live band, DJ, or speaker, the Bose F1 Model 812 and its companion subwoofer the Bose F1 is a winner. What truly sets apart the Bose F1 812 is how amazingly easy it is to set up the system and start playing. It’s worth comparing as sometimes it can work out cheaper to buy a bundle. The set up doesn’t look out of place in a live gig. It’s a flexible alternative for when you play smaller venues. The QSC K12.2 is another premium speaker to consider. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. That is the feeling the Bose F1 model 812 provides. This compact 1000-watt platform comes with two high-excursion 10-inch low-frequency drivers that extend the bass response to ensure the low ends sound punchy. But more on that in the Tuning Options section below. The outer plastic is not only thick but also hard. The T4S ToneMatch Mixer is perfect for the Bose F1 and can support 4 channels. Having access to these extra inputs makes it easier to plug and play with your gear. The “J Position” will send the signal down but not up. The types of gigs you’ll come across will vary.