CurlyKids Simple Grace About Shop CurlyChic Rice Water Remedy CurlyKids ... excellent results when used as a stand alone leave-in conditioner or layer/cocktail with other products to achieve your own desired results. Excellent starter or detangling product for your AM or PM hair care routine. In our own backyard, we saw a small representation of the greater diversity of the whole world. 8.25.16 After meeting registered nurse Monique Rodriguez, I immediately sensed an entrepreneur on the brink of shaking up the natural hair care industry. I certainly don’t want my daughter’s curls to suffer because I’m swamped. We started by taking a close look at the families surrounding us. About CurlyKids HairCare CurlyKids HairCare is a black-owned and family-operated business based in Los Angeles, CA. With major political movements come new leaders of the era. Shop amazing products from our CurlyKids range at Black Beautique. Caution, Pik Me Up️ is not a toy, please keep young children out of reach. She and Nia Imani are both famous for their natural haircare YouTube channels. Family Life. Her three daughters regularly appear on her channel. CurlyKids HairCare is helping boys and girls globally rock their natural curls in their own special way. For a 2nd/3rd day root lift refresh, wet the Pik Me Up ™ with water or apply Leave in Lover over the prongs and insert into the roots. Wondering how the CurlyKids Product line started? (Black PR Wire) CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare, a prominent black-owned family business, started with a small idea and grew into a multi-million dollar brand that is … Asking fans to share #MyHairMyWay - CurlyKids is asking fans to tag and share Natural hair role models that inspire them using #MyHairMyWay on social media. Using Pik Me Up ™ adds even volume with maximum root lift and a quicker drying process as it releases the wet hair of it's own weight. This weekend was no different. I feel like the CurlyKids® line was designed for moms like me who are short on time, but don’t want to sacrifice quality. While at our own family backyard gatherings, we noticed the wide range of backgrounds in our family and the multitude of curly hair types. We had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. She has been an ambassador for the children's haircare brand CurlyKids. We had a jam packed schedule and a lot of ground to cover. Associated With. Curlykids Exclusive: Monique Rodriguez On Her New Line, Mielle Organics Exclusive: Monique Rodriguez On Her New Line, Mielle Organics BY Devri Velázquez . Find the perfect CurlyKids beauty products online today, read CurlyKids product reviews and get FREE UK delivery on all orders over £50. Directions for use: Apply liberally to dry or damp hair and style as desired.