What the R-Vox lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in its ‘under the hood’ bag of tricks. Nonetheless, the CLA-3A infuses this edge to your vocals without ruining the signal. It deploys an entire array of expansion, compression, and limiting gadgetry, most of which happens by way automation. The Tube-Tech CL1B, when powered up with the Collection Upgrade, proves itself to be a very competent product. This works best for bass, as it brings out a unique kink from the sound. The only downside to nitpick at is that if you’re a control freak you can also find it frustrating, since you can’t so much “control” this unit but rather “guide” it like an air traffic controller guiding a Boeing 747 onto land. Beside these featured listed, a compressor may function slightly differently, or offer some additional features that make them useful for whatever purpose you want to use it for… in this case, mixing and recording vocals. A vanilla compressor will get the job done without you know it was even in the room, like a good butler. Add 2db of Gain and suddenly your sound is different. Nowadays if you catch them on sale they are cheap as chips. Just keep in mind that some have noticed that the FET can slide into distortion if you aren’t paying attention. You can even pop it full screen on an unreasonable large Retina display! This means that it is hard to say how a particular setting would change the quality of the sound. Compressors are a bit of a controversial plugin in some ways, as to many it is mystery how it works… and even more of a mystery as to what it can do for them. So be aware that, while you can use it on everything, including vocals, you may find that you’d want to slap this bad boy onto different things in different places. Submitting to the Summit Audio TLA-100 could be perfect for the folksier amongst us. Other than that, another thing to look for in a compressor  is versatility. Capturing that perfect vocal take is difficult, but knowing how to process vocals can be even trickier. Or so it would seem with another 1176 emulation. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/54-Vocal-Processing/6367-Vocal-Compressor, https://www.pluginboutique.com/system/resources/srcs/000/059/688/main/Vocal_Compressor_banner_1920x1080-PluginBoutique.jpg?1588762476, W.A Production Vocal Compressor, Buy W.A Production Vocal Compressor, Download W.A Production Vocal Compressor at Plugin Boutique.com, Easy to use compression designed especially for vocals, Extra Virtual Cash claimed immediately at checkout. Vocal Compressor, Vocal Compressor plugin, buy Vocal Compressor, download Vocal Compressor trial, W.A Production Vocal Compressor Choose to mix the compressed signal with your original raw audio via the central Master Mix ratio control, allowing you to dial down the compression ratio for parallel effects. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. JHudStudio – Vocal King. But it has also proven itself as a competent vocal compressor as well. Needless to say, producers who want more control over the attack and release times may find the Renaissance Vox too wild of a beast to tame. If this is the path for you then close your doors to the world and make this the only device you use for everything. The CLA-3A’s interface is fairly simple. Namely: Waves CLA-76, Softube FET and Summit Audio TLA-100. A nice little addition to a plugin. This ensures a fast response from attack to release, a perfect tool for high-tempo music. Moreover, it packs a subtle harmonic distortion for some added spice. This is a parallel compressor that leaves loud transients intact whilst making the softer parts of your audio louder. What makes them interesting are their unique vintage features. It is part of your “sound.”. Related: Proper Compression Settings for Vocals, Best Paid Vocal Compressors. This is the modern jack of all trades, cover every piece of ground, device that many of us bedroom boys love. That is why we choose a plugin which fits our needs the best. With vocal audio constantly wavering between high and low levels, a good compressor is nothing short of essential to the final mastering process. There are “Character” units, and “Vanilla” units. The V-Comp also features a De-Esser switch which functions like a high-frequency side-chain to smoothen harsh high frequencies in the mix. In the latter case you won’t have one unit that you have to “fight with” to submit to every path that comes across your DAW. Overall, the CLA-3A can be used for a wide variety of applications. Over time you can get a sense of what is going on. So that means that above a set volume (threshold), the compressor will limit the amount of volume increase going out the back end (output) compared to what is coming in the front end (Input). Also included is a limiter that can be used independently. They include everything from subtle shaping to more full-on saturated compression effects. Needless to say, the V-Comp is a good option for those who want the most out of their buck, especially if you’re going for an easy-to-use plugin that fits most styles of sound. The optical method is prone to being softer and gentler to vocals, while still being able to lay down the law when necessary. Best Mixing Plugins 2020 – The Definitive Guide. If you’re looking for something that would help you develop your personal sound, these two products might suit you the best. Plugin Boutique do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. The first step in the chain is often compression, but with so many different types of compressors to choose from which is the perfect solution for your vocals? Compressor VSTs. The human voice is one of the most dynamic musical instruments, and therefore presents unique challenges when recording and mixing. For instance, its vocal mode helps you to bring vocals to the front of the mix. So it’s a good idea to take a look to see if you’re lucky. The CLA-2A does not have a lot of tricks, but its historic sound and simplicity makes up most of its charm. Here are the plugin compressors that I find myself using most frequently when I mix vocals. That’s why I present you MAutoPitch, one of the best Auto-tune alternatives around. So it is well worth it. Nevertheless, this plugin’s ‘plug-and-play’ philosophy helps producers focus on other mixing aspects by automating the gritty details. So, keeping that in mind, there are a few features that every good compressor should have. Changing one knob is like changing five knobs on a “clean” compressor. Others don’t. This means the units respond very nicely to being hit hard. This fellow is the real odd one out here. But despite the complex tech behind R-Vox’s processing chain, users are only given three controllable parameters, which are expander and compressor thresholds and output attenuation. But for the vanilla producer/engineer, the FabFilter Pro-C2 has so many possibilities. The first step in the signal chain; the Peaks compressor removes amplitude spikes from the signal to make it sound smoother. Many think the parameter additions make this a better bet there. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense compressor that does its job, the FabFilter is an ax that will never fail you when you need it the most. If you want just one compressor and don’t mind the vanilla, FabFilter Pro-C2 is the one ring to rule them all. Let’s get your vocals under control with the best vocal compressor plugin software. This is especially true when it comes to vocal compression. Feature wise, these units don’t have a lot on offer. The tone is fantastic and the plugin is a joy to use. Also, rather than being stuck in an old-hardware frame of mind the interface is visually informative and very adjustable to suit your task or preferences. MusicProductionNerds.com is a participant in a variety of affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates and Loopmasters Affiliate Program. This is character processing at its best, and if the unit sounds good then you can’t beat it. Pro-C2 is all about modern, practical, versatility, and clean. This compressor isn’t a jack of all trades. If you are concerned about how we help to secure your privacy once visiting this page, please check out the privacy policy page.