I chose one 18" long and 2" in diameter (cost: $3.50). :). Cut at least 10 inches from the side of the bag making sure to maintain one of the original seams. Cut off at least 32 inches of twine from ball. I added a couple of wooden beads to the ends of the jute and secured them with a knot above and below the bead. Thanks for the idea and directions! She is also the creator of the Bradberry® line of handmade, all natural, herbal products. Sheila Brown from Southern Oklahoma on March 20, 2013: Great idea! I love thinking outside the box (even when it comes to feeding birds). I had no idea those feeders were so easy. Thanks for reading and thinking it's a great idea. But I did find the mesh stretched more than a typical feeder. Then I found some cool 1/4" colored acrylic rods ($3.45). The bird perches are already acrylic, so they are fine. Cut a straight piece about 13" long. I love creating useful things out of stuff I have around the house. They will see off any other nearby bird. Gorgeous little birds, but very aggressive in their feeding. Tin Can Feeder. Also called a finch feeder, thistle feeders vary in construction. Push the rods through the 1/4" holes. Tip Saved from greatstems.com. So I would keep that in mind when you are cutting things down. Half an hour later and he must have told his mates because we had a charm of 8 goldfinches around the feeder. Anyone know of a similar product to Tube Pak in the UK?Thanks for reading, 11 years ago Shasta Matova from USA on February 05, 2012: This is a great idea. Bend it into a 'U' shape. Thanks for the info, can't wait to try :). I needed a thistle seed feeder. . I chose purple. No other birds will eat at this feeder.and it is awesome to watch them land, swing over, and eat. The fit is tight enough so glue is not needed. Now for the show - the finch is the only bird known to hang upside down and eat. In each case, a seed is pulled out of the feeder by the bird, it is not supposed to fall out on its own. then select the location on your directions for building a hog self feeder. cathylynn99, thanks. Stephanie Bradberry (author) from New Jersey on February 06, 2012: Hello Millionaire Tips. try using 1/16" bit and make slots 1/4" long running top to bottom. In there I found something called a Tube-Pak. A few of weeks ago I modified a normal feeder for nyjer seed and put it up near my other bird feeders and watched hopefully for a feeding visit from the goldfinches which we've seen passing through. We specialize in fiberglass resins and fabrics for fiberglass repair, plastic containers, and custom f…. We all have used food tin cans just sitting there in the recyclables bin. The store bought ones get filled from the top. Thistle feeders can be a clear plastic tube feeder with very small dispensing holes. 126. Acrylic lasts forever outdoors. 'So I tried, and sure enough, for a cost of about $5 and 20 minutes work, I made one that looks better than the 'professional' model. This Day Is for the Birds. This seed is chosen to attract colorful finches, whereas regular bird seed attracts the more common, less colorful birds. You're done! Cut off 17 inches from the bottom of the laundry bag. I haven't counted 8 since, but there are usually some around in ones and twos. Only thing for me is I live where its hot and the sun beats on the feeder so I need one that the plastic has UV in it so the sun don't kill it. Looks great! I saw one for about $20, but immediately thought, 'I can make this, and probably for less. Saved from greatstems.com. So, instead of … on Step 4. thistle seed is very tiny and the finch beak is very thin. I fill this feeder from the Make your slots under the perch instead of above. You're right. I just discovered something about this feeder that is different from the store bought ones. Slip the bent ends into the two holes at the top of the feeder and bend them up further so they don't come out. As for the finished size, I cut it so it was the standard size of a sock feeder...whatever that is. It makes me feel like McGuyver a little bit. I never have old seed to clean out of the feeder. 11 years ago To hang the feeder, use a wire coat hanger. Check out the free videos at www.tapplastics.com. Then I turned the tube 90 degrees and did the same thing again, but started 4" from the bottom. Tip I outlined the main feeding slot and smaller holes with bright red indelible pen and a couple of hours later a goldfinch stopped by and gorged himself for ten minutes. Continue sewing the bottom of the bag closed. cathylynn99 from northeastern US on June 14, 2011: 1 steel yarn needle or small crochet hook. 11 years ago BTW, the collective noun for goldfinches is a 'charm'. To hang the feeder, use a wire coat hanger.