Turnkey solutions can … In fact, many may try to implement such a solution when a more extensive overhaul of the system is needed. You know what they say--if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. VAT No: GB 606566141. Fabricated products and welds are inspected in a number of ways, including Visual, MPI, DPI, Radiography and Ultrasonic inspection. If employees do not understand the reason for change, they will likely be hesitant to make it work. This often includes a computer with pre-installed software, various types of hardware, and accessories. Not all online businesses use the streamlined process and cause loss of business or repeat customers. Typically, testing involves, Mechanical cycle and/or load testing, Electrical performance / verification testing and Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic testing. Turnkey Solutions Oldham Engineering has the structure and systems to manage large turnkey projects from all industry sectors. The imagery devised by the phrase turnkey solution conjures up that of turning a key to start a motor running. In most cases, it is one of the more desirable ways to effect a solution, but may not be an option regularly. Bloor MarketUpdate: TurnKey Solutions Named Best of Breed; TurnKey Solutions™ Announces Patent Awarded for Innovative Test Automation Solution; Peer-to-Peer: How Record and Playback is Killing Your Productivity The customer is invited to witness these tests. Where required, Oldham will build a purpose built test rig, to simulate the product in its intended operating environment. Lancashire Our dedicated assembly department has a highly skilled fitting team for assembling small components through to large turnkey projects. If a shipper is having trouble meeting the requirements of the company, then another shipper may be substituted. Key Takeaways Turnkey is a word that can be used to describe a solution, a business, or a property. Oldham Engineering has a 20,000 sqft, open plan, assembly area where skilled fitters and engineers assemble products after they have been manufactured. When a customer comes to your online store, you want to make sure they have a smooth process from getting from the shopping cart to checkout. Razor Sharp Functional Testing in The Modern Era; If it ain’t broke, fix it. Turn-Key Solutions is the Exclusive CNC Machine Dealer of Brother High Speed Machining Centers for the West Michigan area. With a long history in mechanical assembly Oldham Engineering is well placed to handle complete solutions, involving qualification to high quality standards within the Nuclear and Defence sectors. Whether it is a simple fixture, a stand-alone machine, robotic automation or a fully integrated multi-machine system, TKS can furnish high-quality … With competences in complex assembly, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and also pneumatic, the majority of projects are handled under the same roof that they were both fabricated and machined, reducing external handling and optimising work load for the best lead times. You define the project boundaries and ITS provides & implements the solution. Oldham Engineering has extensive in-house manufacturing facilities including both machining and fabrication. Good communication is a vital component of making any new business practice work over the long term. As well as complete project management Oldham Engineering also offer complete supply chain management, from raw material supply, proprietary items, painting, testing etc… The complete project of manufacture, build and commissioning can be handled under one roof. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. And fast. This provides repeat business by the enjoyable ans easy shopping experience. The latest TurnKey News and Views. Engineering & Project Management. It is much harder to devise a turnkey solution for a manufacturing process, as another example, simply because that would likely involve retrofitting an existing facility, which may take several months and cost substantially more money. Such packages are commonly called appliances. OL4 1LA, Company No: 2808484 Turnkey business solutions are often related to areas that can be revamped with relatively little effort, such as those involving software processes, for example. At Turn-Key Solutions, we are experts in engineering Custom Production CNC Machines & Systems and specialize in customer service. I have seen a lot of supposed total turnkey solutions on the internet. Industrial Turnkey Solutions, Providing turnkey solutions to projects and performance gaps in the Industrial market. With a dedicated project management team alongside a well versed quality team, capabilities stretch from simple small projects to full scale nuclear projects requiring high levels of welding qualifications and quality documentation. An international turnkey solution, or global turnkey solution, is often used in connection with shipment issues. We developed the industry’s first and only intelligent, data driven, scriptless, end-to-end test automation solutions that goes far beyond any other. Oldham Engineering have extensive inspection facilities, including a Faro arm and CMM. The term turnkey is also often used in the technology industry, most commonly to describe pre-built computer "packages" in which everything needed to perform a certain type of task (e.g. The ability to find turnkey solutions rests in the management's ability to see things from a non-traditional perspective. Identification/Traceability, Boxing & Packing. The company is known for its ability to manufacture complex bespoke items, however in addition it manufactures many batch products. Oldham I hope people stay away from these packages. A turnkey solution, by definition, must be able to be implemented quickly. Oldham Engineering manufacture pressure vessels, as shown below, and therefore each item is depatched with the appropriate stainless steel engraved nameplate indicating, for example, its design, tested and operating conditions together with confirmation of compliance to the appropriate standards.