11 appetizing pairings for your Friday-night pie. For me, Ellio’s Pizza is the most nostalgic food in the grocery store. My oldest is the pickiest but she looooves pizza! It makes a complete meal. AND I’ve never seen it done before. I like the Greek Yogurt with Fruit & Nuts, a great combo to add to pizza night. This would be good to have on stock at home. drink recommendations we send out each week. A meal is never complete without awesome side dishes and I think these are great ideas! Easy, Kid-Friendly Corn Dog Side Dishes for a Quick Meal. Instead of the usual stick shape, we fry tiny balls of cheese for a bite-size twist. The fruits is something that my kids will enjoy. Copyright ©2020, Savvy Saving Couple. These are perfect with pizza. This fool-proof salad easily adds some vegetables to any meal. We like salad and pasta as sides with our pizza. Layer the fruit, as desired, on top of the Cool Whip. This fool-proof salad easily adds some vegetables to any meal. Mozzarella Bites. Around here, every night is pizza night. I might be a little obsessed with cute photography props, and Rae Dunn, but all is good! And the veggie pasta as well! THese are great ideas. Pizza Party Birthday Birthday Dinners Pizza Side Dishes Homemade Hot Pockets Pizza Appetizers Dinner Party Menu Salsa Sandwiches Diy Food. I usually pair it with fruit like you but it gets gobbled up when the fruit is on a stick. I love photography and always have a camera handy! The 12 Side Dishes for Pizza That Truly Complement Our Favorite Meal. Wash and dry the kale. And my personal favorites? I like to balance the tart flavor with some fresh blueberries, strawberries, and I add assorted nuts for protein. Your email address will not be published. RELATED   The Best Pizza Cities in America ». Now, we cannot get enough and love to pair this combo with meals like pizza, and sandwiches. Whether you prefer balancing out your nutritional intake with a salad or mixed vegetable dish, or feel like going all out with a basket of gooey cheese fries or spicy Buffalo wings, these 11 sides are perfect matches to your favorite pizza. Shared by Amy | 19 CommentsUpdated on March 24, 2019, Kid-Friendly Pizza Side Dishes to Try Today. https://www.bhg.com/recipes/ethnic-food/italian/pizza-party-menus Happy eating! One of the kids’ fave lunches is pizza from home in their thermos (cut in strips to fit). Everybody does the salad thing. While in many ways pizza is the perfect social food, I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to have a strong plan in place when making it for a large group — a plan for not only the pizzas themselves (which always seem to take longer than I think! Thankfully, they do not discriminate when it comes to fruit so this makes the perfect pizza side dish for kids! : Made with basic lettuce mix, some fresh cucumber and tomato. You can access your To-Do list at any time by visiting http://TastingTable.com Garden Side Salad: Made with basic lettuce mix, some fresh cucumber and tomato. You see, my mom would always buy it for us kids, and we’d enjoy it on the weekend. DiningDitch the Toast for Creamy, Satisfying Avocado Ramen à la Mr. Taka Ramen, DiningYes, You Can Find Great Pizza Near NYC's Tourist Attractions. Thankfully, my three kiddos love Ellio’s Pizza. They are old enough to fix themselves a meal so Ellio’s pizza will be their every-ready food they can truly enjoy. Tools to easily save recipes and articles. This brand is the easiest to eat up and heat up too ;) Love that you shared this kid-friendly pizza side dishes, I need to get some for the freezer soon. What is the kids name, totally looks like a Ellios. to learn where you can purchase Ellio’s Pizza near you. Five cheese is my most favorite! My kids aren’t exactly picky eaters but I would love to treat them to some pizza with any of these awesome side dish ideas! It was a brand I loved 20 years ago, and appreciate even more now than ever! Tastes like childhood! : My kids are all about the seasonal fruits lately. © 2008–2020 TDT Media Inc. doing business as Tasting Table. Your email address will not be published. These Easy, Kid-Friendly Corn Dog Side Dishes for a Quick Meal also make a great pizza side dish. Fresh Fruits Salad: My kids are all about the seasonal fruits lately. One day they might love one food and the next day, they might despise it. ), but also a few appetizers to keep hunger at bay while pizzas cook and a few sides round out the meal. YUM! I always struggle to find side dishes for pizza for picky eaters. get the latest recipes, news and hacks from tasting table. So the next time you're ordering in or tossing your own at home, look to one of these 11 sides for a fantastic pairing. This page is now en route to its destination. Then destem and roughly chop the kale leaves. Welcome to my site! Required fields are marked *. Please verify to begin receiving our newsletter A Family Friendly Massachusetts Lifestyle Blog Sharing Delicious Recipes, Family Fun Ideas, How-To's, and Much More - One Click at a Time! Great ideas to enjoy side dishes with Ellio’s Pizza! I love this brand and remember eating Elio’s as a kid! … You've now added the To-Dos below to your personal list. Side Dishes for Pizza to Order From Giordano’s I’ve never heard of this pizza brand before, but it sounds yummy! These pizza and sides meal combos are great ideas. We know what you're thinking: Pizza doesn't need a side dish—all you really need is another slice of pizza. As a mom to three, I just love it when my kids enjoy something just as much as I did when I was their age. 454. I received compensation for this post, however all opinions stated are my own.