They should pop right out afterward. I choose the ones with the most pastry.....I prefer pastry over filling. The next time I made blueberry muffins, I greased half the pan with butter, and didn't grease the other half. It depends on what I want the muffin crust to be like. I bought a set of Wilton baking pans as they were a promotion. Over-baking is the primary cause of stubborn muffins, even with a greased pan. Appreciate all the comments even though most of them were several years old . I prefer not to use liners even though the muffins may be easier to eat out of hand. How do you store your lemons / citrus in general? -Grainlady, And only use plastic or wood utensils to remove muffins or whatever it is that you are baking. Do not use vegetable oil spray on non-stick pans. I've used it many times by just taking a stick of butter and running it around the surface of a pan to grease (prime example: buttering a pan and coating it with powdered sugar for marshmallows). You can test a single muffin or two to find the perfect time for your oven. I don't use liners and I really only make one muffin recipe consistently. All of them are easy, and which you choose will depend on the material of your pan and the ingredients you have on hand or wish to use. Depending on the amount of butter, it should not take longer than 30 seconds (and that time is for a lot of butter). Don't make tarts though my mom has a killer recipe for butter tarts. Silicone Pans - These may also require a light coat of grease. Non-Stick Pans - Even though they say 'non-stick,' many do require a light greasing and it will vary based on the manufacturer. Q: When baking bread in a non-stick bread pan do I need to spray vegetable oil in the pan first? I threw out one mini muffin pan because I could never get it clean, but it was old and was starting to rust. I hate that spray junk. There are many other ways to keep your muffins from getting stuck in the pan. I do this when I bake bread in a regular bread pan, but I wonder if the crust would get too dark, or be over-baked if I do the same with a non-stick pan. Esther -- good information is never too old to be usable here. If you absolutely cannot get a muffin out of a hot tin, place the pan on a wet towel for about 2 minutes. They were tender and delicious. Browse Gardening and Landscaping Stories on Houzz, Avoid damage during everyday cleaning and stain scrubbing, with these tips for pots and pans made of popular materials, Learn the pros and cons of these common choices for kitchen sinks, Make a utilitarian mudroom snazzier and better organized with these cheap and easy ideas, Inspiration for dinner time under the stars, Inspiration for making that best pizza ever, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Mudroom Touches Anyone Can Do. You should prioritize a pan with a non-stick coating that is not peeling or chipping and is durable enough to not stick over time. I usually use butter, shortening or oil depending on what I'm making. Wad up a paper towel and dip it in the butter or designate an unused and washed paint brush (a 2-inch brush works great) for use in the kitchen. Bread expert Elizabeth Yetter has been baking bread for more than 20 years, bringing her Pennsylvania Dutch Country experiences to life through recipes. I haven't greased it since; I just bake, relying on the non-stick coating. Muffin tin, cookie sheet, 9x13 baking dish, etc. Nonstick pans eventually wear and stick, and paper muffin cups stick to the muffin but not the pan. He went on to say that most other brands are fine,But never use Pam on any non-stick surface.He also went on about he didn't know why anyone thought they needed anything on non-stick surfaces.But that is neither here nor there,Especially as I am one who thinks something IS needed! That way, when you tip out the muffins, you will not touch hot chocolate and the chips will have spread out from the center somewhat. I took the experiment one step further. So again, for whatever it's worth,I stopped using Pam in my non-stick skillets,& now use a store brand spray.