Commercially dyed and spun perendale yarn. It was developed from the Cheviot and Romney sheep breeds. The Perendale is an easy-care breed and will give your farming operation effortless lambing, good mothering and survival, plus excellent fertility with low losses from scanning to lambing. Phone: 06 8568458 Mobile: Craig Campbell 027 368 2323 or Irvina Lunt 027 438 1029 Email: [email protected] or call in and view at 13 Drumpeel Rd, Otane, … North Otago, New Zealand,, Newhaven hosts the Country Calendar Crew…, Environmental Leaders- Jeff and Linzi Keen, Mount Monmot – Leading the way in Australia. It … Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand president Tim Anderson said the 69 perendale entries was a consistent tally for the show and boosted by a strong contingent of southern breeders. The breed was developed post World War II, in response to declining production of Romney sheep and worsening soil conditions in the steep hills of North Island. The Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand is proud to launch their new magazine. For a free copy of this magazine please Contact the Newhaven Team, or for those Australian sheep breeders in the  Mount Monmot network, please Contact the Mount Monmot Team. Welcome to the Perendale Sheep Society Website. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. The Perendale sheep breed have a large, well sprung body. The Perendale sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from New Zealand. Duncraig Black and Coloured Sheep. Their legs are long and powerful and in proportion to the body frame. The Perendale sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from New Zealand. The breed is named after Sir Geoffrey Peren. Mr Anderson, who is also president of the Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand, said the perendales made "relatively good money" and the top genetics were highly sought after. They are valued for their wool and their very tasty meat. The latest ‘Perendale NZ’ Magazine – Available Now! . Suitable for handcraft. They a long fleece of medium consistency that is firm to the touch, They are prolific breeders with a high lambing percentage and can usually breed throughout the year. They enjoy considerable popularity in New Zealand, and have established a reputation for being “a sheep for all environments”, as well suited to the fertile plains of New Zealand as to the hill country. RomneyThe Perendale breed was created by Sir Geoffrey Peren at Massey University in New Zealand by crossing Cheviot rams over Romney ewes. Yes, Quality: Good high-quality lamb and mutton with a great taste, The Perendale sheep produces a fine crisp wool, N/A, Quality: Medium quality with a Bradford count of 54s to 56s, Knitted garments, clothes, blankets, yarns and carpets, A few more interesting facts to know about the breed, No livestock should be left unattended around unsupervised children. The breed is named after Sir Geoffrey Peren. They are well known for the high-quality lamb and mutton production. This profiles the Perendale as an industry- leading breed, with articles on how Perendale genetics are moving the sheep industry forward on commercial sheep operations throughout the country and details on the work that our society is doing to ensure that we lead the industry on producing a product that is in high … The Perendale: Characteristics and General Management. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It was developed in the 1950’s, by Massey Agricultural College (now Massey University). P rogeny Trials - 9 years. M: 021 221 4185 E: W: Evans IN & JM Bluff Farm, 442 Ashley Gorge Rd, Glentui, Oxford 7495. 457 Dunrobin Road Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand, 1964. Also rams and sheepskins. RD 14.C, Oamaru, 9491 It was created for using in steep hill situations. Top quality medium/fine wool from our Romney flock. The Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand is proud to launch their new magazine. A tour of Manuwatu and Wairarapa in May with Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand members showcased the diversity of the breed and their ability to perform across a wide variety of landscape on farms visited. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. David Ruddenklau from Newhaven has written an article on the leading edge Perendale NZ National Progeny Trial that is now in it’s fourth year, and Jane Smith gives some insight to the New Zealand Perendale society’s new branding that she led a project on during 2012. M: 027 229 3022 E: Flockton P/ship 2091 Wards Road, RD 1 Darfield 7571.