We have in this Rakdos deck what the colours do well, disruption, removal and and powerful creatures. Deck Search. Latest Set: Zendikar Rising. Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger; Mire Triton; META% 1.9% (10) Tabletop $ 212 MTGO 181 tix Opt. There's an element of pain when playing Rakdos as always as the cost of these … While Kroxa is the best example of this, the deck also plays Magmatic Channeler to churn through cards and eventually turn into a threat that ends the game quickly. Opt; Frantic Inventory; Improbable Alliance; META% 1.5% (8) Tabletop $ 54 MTGO 20 tix Edgewall Innkeeper. When Yorion was the deck to beat, you needed to load up on discard spells, but with Gruul on the rise and Yorion on the downswing, there are less incentives to do that. This deck list version going to be classic to the Rakdos colour combination. This is a pretty typical version of the deck at the moment. UR UR. Rakdos Kroxa by SBMTGDev. Last Modified On: 10/10/2020 Market Median Low $225.74 $253.01 $169.01 Buy This Deck! Find Decks by Card. Format: Standard. The way it worked is pretty simple. Edgewall Innkeeper; Lovestruck Beast; Foulmire Knight; META% 1.4% (7) Tabletop $ 235 MTGO 153 tix Luminarch Aspirant. Admittedly the deck does win most of its games by damage, but it can win by milling out the opponent's entire library too. Kroxa is a low cost discard, burn engine titan who hits each opponent with the enter the battlefield and attack triggers. Most decks only seem to be running one or two copies, ... Kroxa was everywhere before Cauldron Familiar’s banning, fading into obscurity for a bit during the heavy Omnath, Locus of Creation meta, but now that UB strategies have surged in favor Kroxa is starting to see plenty of more play and its price looks like it is creeping back up again as a result. Mono-White Aggro Mono … Zareth San Bringing Back Ninjutsu?! Dimir Rogues is a tier 1 Standard deck that has been very successful since the release of Zendikar Rising. This deck looks to run the opponent out of resources and eventually cross the finish line with some large bodies. Find Tournaments By Name. Todays Zendikar Rising Standard MTG Arena deck guide is a requested build for Rakdos Aggro. I’m very excited to see how this meta will shape up, so everything now is hypothetical. Advanced Search Options. Creature 22 4 Bonecrusher Giant 4 Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger 4 Magmatic Channeler 4 Mire Triton 2 Murderous Rider 2 Rankle, … Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. (Blue/Black Aggro/Midrange) A little intro to that title: Ninjutsu is an older ability from the Kamigawa block in MTG. Kroxa players typically tune their builds to target one or two decks, but the format is so diverse that this normally leaves a hole in their game plan. This is only the start of our MTG Arena Zendikar decks to try out! Maindeck 60. Golgari Adventures Golgari Adventures. Tournament Search. Rakdos has some sweet new cards from Zendikar Rising and today i'll be trying some of them out on MTG arena. kroxa rakdos znr. The ability to drain resources both early on, and repeatedly if left on board unchecked makes him a hell of a threat. Recent Decks The Mythic Society | Weekly | Historic on 2020-11-27. Advanced Tournament Search Options.