It is never too early to start thinking about when and where you intend to apply to graduate school. Applying to Grad School; Applying to Grad School. If Psy.D or MSW, get your applications together summer before senior year. they should not do when applying to graduate school. If Ph.D, either take worse chances at acceptance and start applying during your senior year or get a full time job as a research assistant for 1-3 years after you graduate. When you’re ready to apply to graduate school, you’ll need to take the Graduate Record Exam or GRE. Unfortunately, there isn’t a precise answer because the exact GPA needed for grad school depends on the program you’re applying to. While some programs are OK with 2.5 or 3.0 GPAs, others balk at anything lower than a 3.5! We are aware of some school closings in areas impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and that it may delay some courses of study as well as the reporting of official school documents. We will do our best to work with you and your department. In fact, the clinical experiences you do accrue before graduate school may differ substantially from the psychotherapy skills we will teach you in our programs. Do sign up early for the GRE. Applying to Grad School. Grad School Guru The insider's guide to getting in Laura E. Buffardi, Ph.D. , is a post-doctoral researcher in the iScience Group at Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain. Applying to Graduate School: Writing a Compelling Personal Statement An article from Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology) that guides you through the basics (length, writing style, tone, feedback and revision) as well as content (the key components) of the personal statement. As you can see, grad school GPA expectations can vary widely among programs, just like those for GRE scores. Our data provide faculty who The general GRE is offered throughout the year, but you should sign up early to ensure a spot at your preferred testing site. Author Ellen McCammon Posted on March 19, 2017 July 26, 2017 Categories Grad School Tags applying to grad school, graduate school, when to apply for grad school Going to graduate school is a lot like getting a dog: it’s a big, hairy commitment, and the right timing is critical to minimize chaos and make the transition as smooth as possible. When authors do offer this advice, few support it with data. If you are impacted by this, please contact our office to request an extension: Applications for a given year are usually due before the end of the of the previous academic year: usually December 1st or March 1st. We surveyed chairs of graduate school admissions com-mittees in psychology about the characteristics of graduate school candidates that decrease their chances for acceptance (i.e., kisses of death [KODs]). This shows a lot of dedication to research and psych, more than you could have shown during undergrad.