As you would expect, you need to ensure that your subfloor is clean, dry and level. Kolay Flooring International Reviews by Job Title, Kolay Flooring International Reviews by Location. Loose Lay Reviews. Follow this up with a damp mop when necessary. The biggest complaints have been that the SmartCore Naturals dents more easily than the other SmartCore collections – this is probably due to having a veneer layer; and that generally, the flooring can get scratched – perhaps the marketing is not clear that protective measures need to be followed to minimize this risk. If we had to find a negative it’s that it is not 100% scratch resistant, but we knew that so we’ve been careful and the floor still looks beautiful after a couple of months. From our own testing and feedback reviews from customers we have drawn up a list of Smartcore pros and cons. Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. The brand retails between $2 – $4 per square foot and features four different collections, each with specific qualities to match specific needs. Here is a selection of typical reviews: “We installed the flooring ourselves. The added extras, hence the “ultra” designation, are an image layer with higher definition and a thicker integrated underlayment pad. The different collections are: SmartCore, SmartCore Ultra, SmartCore Pro and SmartCore Naturals. Owners were handson and always ready to listen to suggestions for improvement. Required fields are marked *. Like all rigid core flooring, SmartCore claim that their flooring helps diminish subfloor imperfections. 3. Beaulieu is a flooring manufacturer that aims to provide affordable, yet luxurious flooring to customers and business alike. We want to help you find great companies. ... a brand that you can actually read reviews on and also know that will last. I keep installing it because it’s easy to do and waterproof. Kolay is innovative and I believe a good product easy to sell. You can think of this as the standard SmartCore collection. It looks fantastic! They will liquidated all my accounts and claimed them as there own. You can think of this as the standard SmartCore collection.It’s a type of rigid core flooring called WPC (wood plastic composite) with a middle layer that keeps it stable and not prone to excessive expansion or contraction.. Our community is ready to answer. Ensure that stains and spills are dried up quickly. One of the best things is that as there is so much choice, you will find it much easier to find vinyl flooring that fits in with the rest of the room than if you are only looking at wood, tile, or stone. DO I NEED TO ACCLIMATE SMARTCORE FLOORING? Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood. The final bottom layer is an integrated acoustic pad, which acts as an underlayment. I believe it is a newer product. SmartCore Naturals planks are around 6 mm thick. Unfortunitaly the owners are greedy crooks!. Ultra planks and tiles are 7.5 mm thick. Unfortunitaly the owners are greedy crooks!. Possibilities run the gamut: carpet is still a traditional choice for bedrooms and living rooms, imitation and genuine wood has become one of today's most popular flooring options, and tile takes first place in many homes further south. Most widths are in the 6-inch range; some go up to 7 3/4 inches wide. CAN SMARTCORE BE INSTALLED WITH RADIANT HEATING? SmartCore Ultra planks are 6” x 48”, and the tiles are 12” x 24”. In terms of size the SmartCore planks are 5” x 48” and the tiles are 12” x 24”. No rep should ever work here. They both did good, but the Ultra did best with the hammer. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. This product will also provide added protection against moisture and help with leveling subfloors. Interview was very comfortable and relaxed. Has anyone ever installed the loose lay, no locking system, no glue vinyl plank flooring. I bought about 1500 sq ft of floor and had issues with installation only to find out that the various boxes of tile varied up to 1/4" and really caused problems. In our experience, this is not always true, and so we strongly advise that you start with a very well prepared and very level subfloor for best results. It is also recommended that your SmartCore flooring is stored within this temperature range too; so, if ahead of your installation the floor has been stored in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, then you should allow a few days of acclimation at the ideal temperature installation. Your email address will not be published. You should keep your rigid core flooring clean with regular vacuuming, using a cleaning head that is suitable for hard flooring surfaces. I reckon because the Naturals collection is actually engineered hardwood, not just vinyl, it dents much easier.” – Max, “I’m mostly happy… We installed SmartCore Naturals in our lake house. The advantage of SmartCore Naturals is that you have the waterproof qualities of rigid core plus an actual hardwood or bamboo veneer on the top, so every single plank is entirely unique. The wood representations are oak, maple, walnut, hickory and pine, and there are both classic and contemporary looks available including some quite dramatic multi-toned looks. The other layers that make up the standard SmartCore flooring are a protective 12 mil wear layer that sits on top of the image layer – that is a printed design that authentically reproduces the look and texture of wood planks or stone tiles. In terms of sizes, the SmartCore Pro collection has the widest wood look planks at 7” x 48”, and stone tile slabs at 12” x 24”. Is it safe to use a laminate floor cleaner on smartcore or is just a damp mop a better idea? My smartcore floor is lifting in one area , it’s in the middle of the floor so it’s not easy to remove the tiles to get at the one lifting . If necessary, apply a floor leveling compound first before installing your SmartCore. Care needs to be taken to ensure that moisture and pH levels of the subfloor are in the specified range – any excess moisture in the subfloor can lead to mold and mildew growth, and will void your warranty. Owner's who will use you and promise everything only to be cut off after 3 years of hard work. There are more stone look designs in the Ultra collection than in the standard collection, with a nice breadth of looks including warm tan travertine, dark gray slate and creamy sandstone options. Width: Plank vinyl flooring widths will vary considerably.