I thought the carrot was finely chopped using the chopdrop blade. Wash the container, basket, and blades in your dishwasher or simply hand wash with some soap and water. I could have also used a dish brush but it just didn’t need that. If you don't, then maybe not, unless you really like good home-made salsa. The motor silently whirred into action and I immediately began to see chopped onion pieces being generated and collected inside the container. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. The Philips MultiChopper is a total win~! I'm not sure if I would be willing to try potatoes in it however because I don't want to jam it up or possibly damage the unit. I also make a home made guacamole that was different than any other I had made before. There's no way to over chop when using the "ChopDrop" chamber. I set the MultiChopper basket in the Chopper bowl and then put in the ChopDrop blade, put in my 4 onion wedges, and covered that all with the Chopper lid. I really enjoyed using the MultiChopper. Clean up is a breeze. Not only was the chopper fast, but the pieces were all relatively the same size. With its powerful and quiet motor, excellent chopping performance, and its ease of use & cleanup, I highly recommended it. I decided to try the other blade for the other half of the onion. The big difference between the two is that one is designed to chop inside the MultiChopper basket and the other is designed to chop outside the basket. The fine chopping blade works just like a traditional food processor, just with a smaller foot print, so it's great when you don't want or need the full size. Clean-up was easy. It seems too short. Cleanup is very easy, just rinse and drop the parts into the dishwasher. It is very easy to set up and use right out of the package, and you can cut ingredients quickly and effortlessly. This thing is great, especially when you are preparing food for a bunch of people coming over. This chopper is really convenient if you have a lot of things to prepare, gets the job done quickly. I would not describe this chopper as mini. Due to its press down operation and compact size, chopping has never been this easy. Once assembled, you just press down on the top of the unit to chop the ingredients inside. Fine chopping blade All in all, I think this chopper is great; it's fast, simple to use, doesn't over chop, and cleans up in a snap. If you plan on this appliance to reduce dirty dishes then this is not for you. leaving some pieces too big while some were chopped to pulp. I had a lot of fun just chopping up nuts, dicing onions without shedding tears (except tears of joy! Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. This design chops onion on the top canister which has the blade on the top part of the machine, once the onion is chopped it drops to the bottom of the container where it doesn’t get chopped again. This chopper does a great job at what it is designed to do so what more can one ask for! The things I've been able to do with this chopper are amazing! There are no switches or settings to fool with. With the mesh basket design, the consistency of cuts is great. It's easy to clean. It works great, but to do one onion it is a lot of clean up. Someone like me who has never used something to cut up my onions etc. You can edit your question or post anyway. I would like to start by saying that this chopper absolutely does it's job. It comes with two different blades and can cut cheese and meet. If it could get the same results without needing everything to be pre-cut so small, I'd love it. A lot of this style chopper is just too small to be of much use. I took an onion, quartered it and popped it into the machine. I was able to cut a large onion into six pieces and fit three at a time in the basket. Then I put the motor on top of that and pressed down. -Overall I'd say this unit is a time saver for many items and maybe not so much for some others...Depending on your skills of course. before I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to change the blades and their purpose. At least the Viva is consistent. All rights reserved. ======= Design ======= The one thing I wish is that there was a way to have a larger dice. I think I'll leave potatoes for my heavy duty processor. One or two more quick knife cuts would accomplish the same thing, and I'd have one less item to clean. Easily a 5 star product. Awesome~! Since the Chopper bowl is clear, you can see your progress as you chop. I could have put those pieces in the dishwasher (the photo in the manual shows that the bottom rack is ok to use for this). Philips - Viva Collection Multi Chopper - White. The device is very simple to use, place the vegetable inside with the appropriate container and blade, place the cover motor, and finally the cover down to chop. It comes with 2 different blade assemblies, 1 for the Chop-Drop technology that you use with the chop-drop multi-chopper basket. We've made fantastic home-made salsa with it, it dices the onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, etc, very nicely. The motor part is not too heavy and doesn't require too much pressure, so just about everybody should be able to use it! The Multi-Chopper also comes with a recipe book with a few recipes for salsa, guacamole, hummus, and one or two more. Thanks for reading my review and hope it helped.