Cut back any side branches that have flowered, leaving two to three leaf buds per shoot. Dead, diseased or damaged wood on any rose should be removed as soon as possible. If you live in the north and other colder areas of the UK we would recommend waiting until March after last frosts before pruning roses. I'm in the south west. Rose bushes can be as tough as they are colorful and elegant. This can be done anytime. Unlike a tree, roses do not produce shoots which steadily increase in size every year. Why Should You Prune A Rose. Am I too late to prune? (5 Posts) Add message | Report. Want to weed bed with roses and they are looking very leggy. Roses in this group include - R.Handel, R.'New Dawn' and R.filipes 'Kiftsgate'. Anyhoo, I haven't been well the past several months and have completely neglected my backyard. The Best Time to Prune Rose Bushes. Pruning is a vital element of rose plant care and the longevity of the plant in your garden. JT05 Fri 14-Apr-17 18:12:12. No, it's not too late to prune your roses. If you are deciding when to prune a ground cover rose for example, it is always prudent to wait until after it has finished flowering. The other annual type & timing of pruning depends on which variety of roses you have. Roses have a reputation of being difficult to grow—as long as you feed them and prune them correctly, you shouldn't have too much trouble with these pretty plants. CiderwithBuda Fri 14-Apr-17 17:25:14. In general, you will be pruning rose bushes just before the plant breaks dormancy after spring's final frost. Is it too late to prune my roses? Pruning A Rose Too Late. Repeat blooming roses such as floribunda and hybrid tea roses usually get this annual heavy pruning in the spring, just as the buds break dormancy … Too late to prune roses? Roses are very forgiving. Also want to underplant. Prune in late summer. In the south you are safest to prune roses in late February just as the new growth begins on rose plants. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Pruning too late results in the plant being weakened. I live in San Francisco, zone 9-10, depending on who you ask and which chart you consult, because even the city of San Francisco itself has micro-climates too. This is because the sap is flowing freely upwards once the buds are actively growing, and pruning your rose at this stage is more than likely to cause considerable loss of sap. Ramblers. Not at all.