Nationally recognized sports nutritionist, strength, and conditioning coach Brandon Mentore says molecular hydrogen can be applied directly to areas of the body where injury and pain occur. COVID: The Never-Ending Trauma Now Features Delirium! There are several ways to get molecular hydrogen into your system including … Google Whistleblower & Conservative Influencers File Lawsuit To Punch Google & Restore Free Speech. The paper spent considerable space explaining the incredible ability of molecular hydrogen to penetrate deep within the heart of a cell: Hydrogen has some distinct advantages as an antioxidant. Solubility of Ammonia, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Ethane, Ethylene, Helium, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur Dioxide in water. Click Here To Get Hydra! Findings in double-blinded placebo controlled trials suggest that Hydrogen has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models. Thanks to the internet, we are perpetually bombarded with product placement and pseudo-scientists promising miracles, leaving us to our own devices in terms of discerning between fads and legitimate advancements in wellness. Earlier this year, a detailed, scholarly analysis of molecular hydrogen appeared in Scientific Research. Still never heard of molecular hydrogen (H2)? 6 Important Questions About Molecular Hydrogen. There has been research that backs up molecular hydrogen’s ability to hydrate better than ordinary water, including a study that showed a 4 percent increase in hydration levels after a one-time use. Enjoy Black Friday Deals All Week Long. How do you take it? There are many factors that come into play when it comes to the retail distribution of hydrogen-rich water. If it were bound to hydrogen it would be water and not a life sustaining gas. “There are two ingredients in HFactor: pure water and pure hydrogen. The mere fact that it encourages patients to drink more water, then coupled with the benefits of molecular hydrogen, immediately provides patients an advantage in their pursuit for overall wellness.”, What to look for when shopping for hydrogen-rich water. According to LeBaron, a good general recommendation for significant health benefits is to drink a concentration of 1-3 mg of dissolved H2 per liter of water. But is this trend a fad, or is there actually some science behind it? Home » Mind & Body » Nutrition » 6 Important Questions About Molecular Hydrogen. There is no specific amount that’s right for everyone. Once inside the mitochondria, previous studies have shown that molecular hydrogen (H2) exerts anti-inflammatory properties and protects cells from harmful agents in addition to acting as an antioxidant. And there doesn’t appear to be an upper limit of use. “These doses are simply what have been seen to exert benefits,” says LeBaron. Research links H2 to helping battle more than five dozen diseases, primarily by reducing oxidative stress, one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related diseases, cancers, and the aging process. Working deep within the cellular level puts H2 in the perfect position to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. What is Hydrogen Water and Should We be Drinking it? While scientists continue their research into the hype surrounding hydrogen-rich water, doctors and specialists nationwide continue to back this product. Healthy Gifts: Give Thanks To Bees And Health This Holiday Season! Mentore says that while claims of super hydration may be exaggerated, hydrogen-infused water does in fact help with hydration, a salient health factor considering 75 percent of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. This makes the hydrogen molecule available for therapeutic benefits when dissolved in water because it isn’t bound to oxygen. those suffering from a particularly grave condition, vitamin C as an antioxidant is hydrophilic. Up to 30% Off Select Products. Hydrogen as a gas dissolves in physiological fluids and distributes rapidly. Hydrogen gas is sparingly soluble in water. ©2020 Verizon Media. Destroy Free Radicals And Experience Renewed Energy And Improved Health! A handful of companies are now selling $3 bottles of … By signing up, you agree to email marketing from HoneyColony to the email address you provided. It is simply H2 gas dissolved in the water.“. In rat models of Alzheimer’s disease, H2 prevented neuro inflammation and improved memory. Due to this ability to easily cross the blood brain barrier, molecular hydrogen may assist the well-being of those, for instance, with Parkinson’s disease. For example, there are carbonated waters or beverages (soda pop), which contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2), or oxygen water, which contains dissolved oxygen gas (O2). LeBaron notes that these misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the water is “usually is due to a lack of understanding about what ‘hydrogen-rich water’ is. It also helps that molecular hydrogen is hydrophobic, meaning it is not diluted by water, which allows mitochondria access. LeBaron says to think of it this way: “You can make hydrogen water by taking a tank of hydrogen gas and bubbling it into a glass of water. In contrast, vitamin C as an antioxidant is hydrophilic, meaning it becomes diluted in water so it has problems in trying to pass through a cell’s fatty layer. Does President Donald Trump Spell The End For The EPA? Sifting through the noise of flat tummy teas and BPA-free eyelash extensions can be tedious and overwhelming to those of us who are open to exploring new wellness trends. Today is National Voter Registration Day! This is the same reason why oxygen is available so we can breathe it. But it wasn’t until 1975, when Science published a Baylor University study on H2 as a possible treatment for cancer that the mainstream scientific community took notice. Then in 2007, molecular hydrogen’s profile ascended to a new level with a study published in Nature Medicine, which demonstrated H2’s selective antioxidant properties. “In my quest to guide patients on a path to aging gracefully, I came across the revolutionary bio-benefits of molecular hydrogen. Privacy & Cookies Policy  | Terms of Service | Disclaimer©2011 – 2019 HoneyColony LLC. After spending most of his life in Arizona, he relocated to a Costa Rican rainforest ten years ago and helped with reforestation projects to expand the habitat of the endangered mono titi monkey. Levy was first introduced to concept of hydrogen-rich water while she was researching alternative pain solutions for her best friend Laurie, who was undergoing treatments at the time for ovarian cancer. After consulting with scientists and making a pilgrimage to Japan, who is leading scientific research regarding the benefits of hydrogen consumption, Levy founded HFactor with the intention of creating a hydrogen-rich product that is effective and accessible. The molar mass of molecular hydrogen is about 2 mg/milimole and so 1 mg is about the same as 0.5 moles so 1 ppm = 1 mg/L =0.5 mM. Not all hydrogen products are legitimate. Because hydrogen gas is a non-polar molecule, it does not readily form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, making it … The easiest and probably most efficient method is by simply dropping an H2 tablet in water and then drinking it. By clicking "Save 10% NOW!," you agree to receive emails from HoneyColony and accept our terms of service and privacy and disclaimer policy. A writer, not a blogger. Hydrogen-infused water is GRAS Certified by the FDA and continues to receive an influx of testimonials from patients who will attest to the natural benefits of consumption. “Glass and plastic can not and will not contain hydrogen,” explains Gail Levy, CEO of HFactor, a start-up which produces hydrogen-infused water packaged in BPA-free pouches reminiscent of Capri Sun. At 25 degrees Celsius and a partial pressure of one atmosphere, hydrogen gas has a mole fraction solubility of 0.00001411 in pure water. My motto is, if you can’t pronounce it, you should not be consuming it,” shares Levy. And while this hydrogen warrior has been around awhile, it’s just now coming into its own. Here are some basics to help you get started: There are several ways to get molecular hydrogen into your system including drinking hydrogen infused water, inhalation, taking an H2 bath, or putting H2-saline into the eyes. Since then, there have been hundreds of articles on molecular hydrogen’s therapeutic potential. The concentration of hydrogen gas (H2) is often reported in molarity (moles/liter (M) or milimoles/L mM), parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb) or miligrams per liter (mg/L).