Visitors to Stardreamer Daylilies … Our reblooming daylilies produce repeated blooms of beautiful flowers over an extended period of time. Some varieties are known to provide your garden fresh blooms all season long, from spring until fall. We provide 2 FANS delivered for the purchase of 1 daylily. Daylilies can come in a wide selection of colors from yellow, red, purple, pink and many have more than one color per bloom. Daylilies bloom over several weeks in summer, each individual bloom only lasts one day. We suggest planting daylilies … Stardreamer daylilies offers over 800 daylilies for sale. Buy Daylily plants online from Saksa Daylily Farm. We deliver bonus daylilies … Guaranteed. We are one of the largest providers of daylily varieties in the United States. Over 2000 varieties of daylilies and Iris, Iriswarehouse & Daylilywarehouse, Purchase mature, quality daylilies at discount prices! Daylilies, also known as hemerocallis, are a sun-soaking, classic perennial that exhibit a wide variety of hues, textures, and blooming qualities.Hemerocallis is derived from two Greek words meaning "beauty" and "day", which summarizes the sporadic blooming behavior of many daylily … Daylilies are great for mixed perennial borders, as well as mass plantings. 800+ daylily varieties available to buy online. There is something for everyone's taste and budget from the classic proven winners to the newest and greatest daylilies from around the country. 1 … Find a wide variety of healthy daylilies at our Ohio daylily farm.