Cookpad has over 6 million registered recipes. Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Cookpad is also available as an Alexa skill in Spain. The folders for recipes get automatically sorted based on type of dish so it’s really easy for me to find stuff I saved afterwards. You can like, comment, share recipes, ask cooking-related questions, and also engage in real-time conversations on recipe threads. Cookpad throws up a detailed recipe backend to guide creators at every step. 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Going by the user reviews on app stores and social media, it would be safe to suggest that the platform has accomplished its mission. 料理のアイデア盛りだくさん!無料で使えるレシピ検索アプリです。定番メニューから、マンネリ解消レシピまで、もうおうちごはんに悩まない!◆利用者数No.1の料理レシピサービス!◆2020年、クックパッドアプリがリニューアル!◆どんなレシピも簡単に見つかります!◆利用者数No.1の料理レシピサービス!月間約5400万人が利用する日本最大の料理レシピ検索・投稿サービス「クックパッド」の公式アプリです。322万品を超える豊富なレシピから、料理名や食材で検索できるのでどんなレシピも簡単に見つかります。◆2020年、クックパッドアプリがリニューアル!「料理の楽しみがみつかる・広がる」アプリにリニューアルしました。毎日の料理がもっともっと楽しくなります。<毎日更新、料理の「アイデア」!>実際にレシピを作ってみたみんなの感想付き!作りたくなるレシピを毎日紹介!みんなが調べている検索キーワードや、つくれぽ10件以上の話題のレシピも全部無料でわかります。<どんなレシピも見つかる「さがす」!>お肉、お魚、お野菜、お弁当やお菓子、パンなどのカテゴリ、和食や中華などのジャンル、ハンバーグやカレーといった料理名や食材から検索できて、どんなレシピも簡単に見つかります。また、実際にレシピを作った皆の「おすすめポイント」からレシピが検索できるようになりました!<あなただけのレシピ帳「きろく」!>調理中や調理後も、アプリのカメラですぐに撮影!気になったレシピはクリップで保存!作った料理を記録してあなただけのレシピ帳に!また作りたい料理がどんどん溜まる。<ご家庭で作りやすいレシピ!>日本中のみんなが投稿した料理レシピは何と322万品以上!毎日の献立に使える簡単レシピから、本格派のこだわりレシピまで、作りやすくておいしいレシピがそろっています。◆こんな方におすすめ!・冷蔵庫にある食材だけで作れるレシピが知りたい・みんなが絶賛するおいしいレシピを作りたい・レパートリーを増やしてマンネリを解消したい・毎日の献立に使える簡単・時短レシピが知りたい・料理の基本技やテクニックを覚えたい・お花見やこどもの日などのイベント用レシピを知りたい・お菓子づくりのバリエーションを知りたい・毎日のお弁当おかずのマンネリを脱したい◆cookpadの「プレミアムサービス」ならもっと便利に!(任意加入)・人気順検索:みんなに人気のレシピがすぐ見つかる!・殿堂入りレシピ:つくれぽ1000人以上の大絶賛レシピ!・デイリーアクセス数ランキング:トレンドのレシピが見つかる!・プレミアム献立:旬を採りいれた1週間分の献立が見られる!・専門家厳選レシピ:離乳食やダイエットなどプロ監修の目的別レシピ!◆プレミアムサービスの仕組み【お支払い方法】・プレミアムサービスは月額400円(税込)です。・お使いのApple IDアカウントに課金されます。・申込日から起算して一ヶ月ごとに自動更新されます。・プレミアムサービスの無料期間中にApp Storeの画面上から有料でプレミアムサービスを購読すると、その時点で無料期間が終了し、料金が発生します。【自動更新の詳細】・プレミアムサービス会員期間の終了日の24時間以上前に自動更新を解除しない限り、会員期間が自動更新されます。・自動更新後の料金は、会員期間終了日の24時間前までに請求されます。【会員状況の確認・退会(自動更新の解除)方法】会員状況の確認と退会は下記より可能です。1. Cookpad is home to over six million recipes shared by home cooks from around the world. [App Fridays] Why Microsoft Edge is worth all the noise in the world of web browsers, [App Fridays] Unacademy wants to ‘spark your imagination’ with interactive storytelling app Graphy, [App Friday] How ‘Made in India’ Zoho Doc Scanner wooed desis after ban on China's CamScanner, Search for what you want, categories, tags, keywords, authors, events, anything under YourStory, Learn how this Insurtech startup is rewarding timely payment of insurance premium to secure your present and future. The app is also localised in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, and Tamil. Many apps in japan does not have both versions for iPhone and I pad. Great!One thing, when I look up recipes in and out of cook pad, browser from google search and safari do not automatically transfers recipe at cook pad to the app. クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ. They can add elements like recipe photo, title of the dish, inspiration behind it, cooking time, number of serves, ingredients (with measurements), and an illustrated step-by-step method of preparation. The ‘Activity’ tab lets creators keep track of mentions and direct messages, while the Search tab — similar to that on Instagram — gives quick access to any recipe. Great! Welcome to Cookpad, the world’s largest community of home cooks where everyday, people just like you share thousands of recipes, ideas and cooking experiences. The app lets you follow home cooks from their profile pages to keep a track of all their posts. Serving customers worldwide since 1997, CDJapan is the definitive online shop that offers over two millions products in Anime, Games, J-pop, K-pop, Movies, Apparel, Japanese Crafts and more popular categories including ones sold only in Japan. 日本最大の料理レシピサービス。342万品を超えるレシピ、作り方を検索できる。家庭の主婦の作った簡単実用レシピが多い。利用者は5400万人。自分のレシピを公開できる。 クックパッド -No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ - パソコン用. It’s easy and fuss-free... just like good, ol’ home-cooked food. Top fintech trends of 2020; The founder who uses war tactics to stay ahead; A Swadeshi social network; and more. Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Cookpad is the world’s largest recipe-sharing platform, and one of India’s top ‘Food & Drink’ apps, with 10 million installs. From dinner to lunch and crazy meals, you don't have to worry about eating rice anymore! With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Hit ‘publish’ to post the recipe on Cookpad. バイ Cookpad Inc.. カテゴリ: Food & Drink 最終更新日: 2020-08-11 現在のバージョン: 2020.33.0 ファイルサイズ: 117.71 MB 互換性: Windows PC 10, 8, 7 + MAC ダウンロード ⇩ It is among the top grossing ‘Food & Drink’ apps across Android and iOS. These elaborate recipes, guided cooking methods, and ‘cooksnaps’ cover myriad cuisines and cultures, and are available in 29 languages in 72 countries. Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Cookpad is the world’s largest recipe-sharing platform, and one of India’s top ‘Food & Drink’ apps, with 10 million installs. Great! I always have to re type the number to folder the recipe. Cookpad has crossed 10 million installs on Google Play Store India, and is rated 4.7 out of 5. Todas las recetas que encontrarás en Cookpad han sido publicadas, probadas y compartidas por cocineros caseros para cocineros caseros, por lo que tanto como si te gusta crear recetas o cocinarlas, Cookpad es tu lugar. You can find all recipes for any occasions, parties, desserts, breakfast and just a yummy dressing. But perhaps, therein lies its success. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. I use this app in my I pad pro. Content on Cookpad is fully user generated, social, and interactive. Cookpad’s premium version can be availed for $3 a month in Japan and Indonesia. From grocery shopping and menu planning to recipe hunting and stacking up ingredients to finally executing the dish can seem like a chore, especially for noobs. I use it all the time for dinner, baking goods and ideas when I don’t know what to make. CookPad was once one of the largest recipe sharing and cooking communities in Japan. One thing, when I look up recipes in and out of cook pad, browser from google search and safari do not automatically transfers recipe at cook pad to the app. That’s the common refrain in food circles of late. This app was my favorite go - to cooking app of all time , and now with the constant updates it just seems to get worse and worse , so much so that I can no longer post ANY recipes , or take ANY pics of my recipes because the app is full of so many bugs that it just won’t let me do anything with it !! You can also look up ‘popular searches’ in your region. I use this app in my I pad pro. One could perhaps argue that for a platform with global scale, Cookpad’s user interface lacks polish and finesse. Since then, they have expanded their influence to become of the best and most often used cooking and recipe apps on the internet. Interestingly, the platform is environmentally conscious and committed to planting a tree for every new recipe shared by users. I always find super good recipes from this service (in Japanese). CookPad App Cooking App Review. Cookpad Inc. (TYO: 2193) is a food tech company. I use this app in my I pad pro. Each Cookpad recipe has been created, tried and tested by home cooks, for home cooks so whether you love to create, or just want to cook, Cookpad is the place for you. ‘Dining in is the new dining out’. With the pandemic shutting down restaurants and impacting food delivery businesses the world over, people have been compelled to cook at home.