OKF Aloe Mango Flavoured Drink 20 × 500 mL. To make a similar version at home, infuse tequila with blood oranges and jalapeno for four to six hours; remove chile, then allow the blood oranges to infuse overnight. UPDATE 07/09/15: Spotted a $2 instant rebate for the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita.Price is $6.99 till 07/19/15. For the best flavor, look for tequilas made from 100% blue agave. A post shared by Tiffany Davenport (@little.tiffany.anne) on May 5, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT May 5, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT Price is $6.99 till 07/17/16. Strain into two ice-filled, sugar-rimmed glasses. Try this fruit margarita to mix things up when you're ready for something different than classic lime or strawberry frozen margarita recipes. More assertive winter citrus such as grapefruits need less acid than their sweeter orange cousins to stand up to tequila. #margarita #agave #cincodemayo #tequila #goldenmargarita #refreshing #porch #sitting #alcohol #richmond #virginia. Pack of 6. Item number 555154. Advertisement. Taste first, adding lime to bring out the bright citrus flavor without masking the tequila. Don’t have a Costco in your area? UPDATE 07/09/15: Spotted a $2 instant rebate for the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita.Price is $6.99 till 07/19/15. The margarita mix is no exception to the affordable and bulky product sizes, coming in a massive plastic bottle that’ll last many Margarita Mondays. Or cursing in English -- as Phil tends to do when he gets talking about our margaritas and expounds on which leaves the grossest Margarita Mustache. AND what about the great salt debate? Try passion fruit with creme de cassis, guava nectar with raspberry liqueur. When you’re experimenting, make that part of the equation. RITAS Passion Fruit Cosmo Fizz has all of the fizzy tropical flavor, without the work. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Saddle up and make your way to any self-respecting watering hole these days and a classic margarita -- fresh lime juice, pure agave tequila and orange liqueur -- is only a few shakes away. 79.9k members in the Costco community. Item 381412 Add. Garnish with a guava slice. “Slightly bitter citrus fruits like grapefruit work well, but so do sweeter winter fruits, like persimmons, as long as you balance them so they’re not too tart or sweet.”. 2 teaspoons sugar. Blue agave tequila comes in several styles. Shop Costco.com for organic foods. ways to take your margarita to the next level. “Blancos have bite, so they’re not meant for sipping,” says Ricardo Paripa, lead bartender of Isla Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar in Las Vegas. Bulk-sized party drinks are just one of our favorite Costco shopping tips. Check out the rest here. The bottle boasts “a refreshing taste of lime and orange in a well-balanced, ready-to-serve margarita.”. “But in mixed drinks like citrus margaritas, they’re bright and sharp, just what you want.”. In each 1.75L bottle of boozy goodness, you’ll find the bright flavors of orange and lime juice, gold tequila and Triple Sec liqueur. Item 1086145 Add. 5 ounces tequila (blanco or silver) 1 fresh guava, quartered. UPDATE 07/09/16: Picked up a bottle of the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita today. “It really brightens up the lime juice and gets the sweet-sour thing going that’s key to a good margarita.”. It’s really, really good, I promise.”, And besides, “Celery margaritas are diet food, right?”. The appropriately named Golden Margarita combines the simple sweetness of cane sugar and 100% agave wine with the tartness of real lime juice. The sugar cuts the heat just enough for the sweet, tangy blood oranges to peek through. The inspiration for this Spicy Guava Margarita recipe comes from Ninfa’s, our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant here in Houston. Run a lime wedge … Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Guava, a vitamin C-rich tropical fruit, adds a sunny hue and extra sweetness to this Guava Margarita recipe. If these are what we missed all this time, can you imagine what else is hidden on the shelves? To make a pretty weekend brunch refresher, combine the pulp and juice from about three of those ruby reds with triple sec (orange liqueur), shake over ice and serve on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass. Full-flavored winter fruits pair best with more complex reposados (oak-aged between two and 12 months). Happy Cinco De Mayo ️ ☀️ Amazing Ready-To-Drink Margarita from @costco @kirklandsignatured . This is the easiest Cosmo you’ll ever make! As with the classic margarita, it’s a matter of choice. All prices listed are delivered prices from Costco Business Centre. Step 2 Just before serving, rub a cut lime around the rim of each glass. As grateful as we were for Aldi’s budget-friendly pineapple mimosas, we couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing this summer. Kim Haasarud, cocktail consultant and author of the book “101 Margaritas,” suggests a straightforward taste test: “When in doubt, salt or sugar just half the rim -- that way you can decide as you sip.”. Broccoli salad with roasted peppers and cashews, Once-Baked Mashed Potatoes With Fried Sage Skins, Very Slow-Roasted Yams With Seven-Herb Sauce, Butter-Crisped Turkey With Roasted Bread Salad. Try All of Our Favorite Margaritas This Summer. Depending on the balance of sweet and sour in a cocktail, a mixologist might recommend a salt- or sugar-rimmed glass. However, Liz has a much higher tolerance for heat than I do, so she ordered it and let me steal a sip. If you don’t have the time to make margaritas at home, try Costco’s ready-to-make margaritas. Repeat to make two more cocktails. They have a spicy margarita that I held off from getting because I am a big wimp when it comes to spicy peppers. Guava nectar is available at select supermarkets.