I have 6 packages of this flour and have tried one unsuccessful loaf. Caputo Semola Flour. homemadeitaliancooking. April 11, 2017 at 8:57 am. You will find yourself adding more water to your dough than you are accustomed. The Art of Perfect Caputo Pizzeria Crust Recipe Ingredients: 500gr Molino Caputo Tipo 00 flour, 325 gr water (65% hydration), 10 gr salt, 3 gr dry active yeast Instructions: We highly recommend cooking by weight. Put Flour followed by salt and yeast in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer. You want to make a moist, almost sticky dough. Whether it’s lunch with our farmers or a day in the factory making cheese, the Caputo team is dedicated to the finest dairy ingredients. Semolina flour is made from a rougher variety of wheat and has a distinctive yellow colour. Recipe idea: Nonna Giulia’s Gnocchi Recipe. Reply . In a standing mixer bowl, add the cool water and dissolved yeast.With the mixer on slow speed, using the paddle blade, add about 1/3 or so of the Caputo 00 flour and mix (increasing the speed) for a minute or two, until a smooth “batter” forms. Stir the ingredients to distribute yeast and salt in the flour. Reply. Chef’s flour is a stronger flour with a 13% and higher water absorption making it best for ovens up to 500°F and the Pizzeria flour with 12.5% with less water absorption best for higher temperature ovens of 600°F or higher. Pizza dough using the incredible ultra fine high protein Molino Caputo Tipo 00 flour. Terr. Barley flour not allowed due to an allergy. Note: I am including 00 Caputo flour recipes though they are not technically for those that cannot eat a small amount of gluten. The difference between Caputo Chef’s and Pizzeria flour is gluten content. Did you ever share the recipe for Sicilian Bread? Caputo’s semolina re-ground (‘rimacinata’) durum wheat flour has been milled twice to produce a finer flour than most semolinas. Most The Caputo family and team take pride in visiting each and every supplier of our raw materials to ensure the best possible ingredients for our consumers. The Rinforzato is basically a bread flour and works best for traditional Italian loaves (for focaccia, an Italian baker friend of mine recommends the pizza flour, which will produce a more open crumb). I forgot to mention, I also have Caputo Chef’s flour that I use in place of AP or bread flour in recipes. Italian 00 Caputo flour is low gluten NOT gluten free. Dissolve the yeast in warm water with the sugar. This helps to develop the gluten in the dough.Add remaining Caputo 00 flour and salt. I have had success at eating this product once in a while and it is a treat to be able to go to Pizzerias that use the Italian flours (then bake them in 900 degree ovens … yummmmm!) https://leitesculinaria.com/40229/recipes-homemade-pasta-dough.html Using Antico Molino Caputo Tipo 00 Pizza Flour Use Caputo Tipo 00 flour the same way you would use either general purpose, or bread flour, though you will see a number of di!erences in how it behaves compared with American flours. April 10, 2017 at 4:39 pm. Once the dough comes together, switch to a dough hook and use a slow/med speed to kneed the dough for 8-10 minutes. Caputo sells two red bag flours, the 00 pizza flour in 1 kg. This is from Antimo Caputo on Amazon. Formulated for thin crust with a little strength to hold a generous host of ingredients. It hydrates very well. bags, and also their Type 00 Rinforzato (reinforced) flour, which is a blend of soft and hard wheats, with protein of about 12% to 12.5%.