In 2003, Martin Odersky created Scala that is used in Android development. One of the most important, as well as the most widely used programming language today, Javascript was created in 1995. One of such consolidations was C++. Today, there is a vast range of programming languages. In this period, from the late 1960s to the late 1970s, many popular programming paradigms were invented. Come, be part of our story! Visit Some Of Our Other Technology Websites: Copyright © 2020 CDW LLC 200 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills, IL 60061. Who contributed to the code that we use every day? Programming languages have covered a lot in the last seventy years. Kerala - 673005 Colleges Optimize Traffic on Busy Residence Hall Networks, Universities Partner with Cities to Boost Budgets for Technology Projects, EDUCAUSE 2018: Software-Defined Networks Advance Research Computing, Q&A: Center for CIO Studies’ Wayne Brown Explains How IT Leaders Need to Communicate, An Integrated Security Ecosystem Pays Off for UNC, Charlotte, Colleges Strive to Create Positive Social Experiences Amid COVID-19, 3 Ways to Add Value to Online Instruction and Redefine Student Success, In AI, Colleges See Cost-Effective Ways to Boost Enrollment, EDUCAUSE 2018: 6 Culture Changes to Pave the Way for Digital Transformation. Solaris (D) Opp. Processors, 7 Ways Technology Will Affect the Future of Customer Service, An Overview of the Different 3d Printers Technologies. Another major high-level programming language that came out in the 1990s was Java. Autocode was better than its predecessors, but it still failed to gain popularity. C was the first systems programming language, and Prolog was the first logic programming language. Church expressed lambda calculus in a formulaic way. Because of such limitations, programmers were forced to write assembly language programs manually. In 1936, the first time, the computer codes were specialized by Alonzo Church and Alan Turing. These languages are still in use. The purpose of this algorithm was to compute Bernoulli numbers. Microsoft developed Visual Basic which also became very popular. 1st floor, Urmi Corporate Park Code is the foundation of computing. We offer all kinds of web design and web development services to our clients using the latest technologies. From the World Wide Web to computers and smartphones, and even parking meters. Jimmy Daly. There are many others. The history of programming languages spans from documentation of early mechanical computers to modern tools for software development. In 1972, Dennis Ritchie developed the C programming language. Your email address will not be published. Apple also developed a new language, named Swift in 2014 as a replacement for C#, C, and C++. In 1970, Niklaus Wirth created the language known as Pascal, which is still used to make Skype desktop applications; in 1983, Bjarne Stroustrup created the object-oriented language C++, which today powers Google’s Chrome web browser, among others; and in 1991, Guido Van Rossum contributed the incredibly useful and powerful Python language, named for the British comedy group Monty Python. Developers can use any programming language according to their requirements. It is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, the other two being CSS and HTML. These recognitions, presented by the leading Industry Associations in the world stand testimony to our creativity, technical skills and quality standards. C became one of the most popular programming languages and in the coming years, it heavily influenced many programming languages such as Java, C++, GO, Ruby, Javascript, Perl, and Python. Started in 2011, Acodez has more than 600 satisfied customers spread across 70+ Countries. At Acodez, we're obsessed with quality. We use cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are future-ready and scalable. Programming languages developed until 1991, such as C were great. Other notable languages created during this period were Haskell in 1991, Visual Basic in 1991, Lua in 1993, R in 1993, Ruby in 1995, Ada 95 in 1995, PHP in 1995, and Rebol in 1997. Other notable languages developed during this period were Perl in 1987 by Larry Wall, Tcl in 1988 by Tcl core team, Ada in 1983, Common Lisp in 1984 and Eiffel in 1984. COBOL was the first high-level programming language that could run on the type or brand of computers. The same year in 1972,  Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce developed SQL. Popular software such as adobe photoshop also uses C++. Required fields are marked *. The Guardian provided this brief overview of Lovelace’s work in December 2012, the 197th anniversary of her birth: Often described as the world's first computer programmer, Lovelace showed a keen interest in mathematical studies from an early age and was taught by her mother, Annabella, who was also a gifted mathematician. Years later, Bill Gates and Paul Allen modified BASIC and this modified version ended up as the first product of Microsoft. Brief us your requirements below, and let's connect, 1101 - 11th FloorJMD Megapolis, Sector-48 Gurgaon, Delhi NCR - India, 1st floor, Urmi Corporate Park Thousands of people had worked during these decades. Another very important trend added during this time was the usage of modules, or simply, large-scale organizational units of code. It is heavily used in game engines and web development. Ever since the invention of Charles Babbage’s difference engine in 1822, computers have required a means of instructing them to perform a specific task. Babbage believes he can, by his engine, form the product of two numbers, each containing twenty figures, in three minutes.” While that is relatively slow even by punch-card standards, Babbage and Lovelace were about 60 years ahead of their time. TypeScript invented in 2012 is an important part of the Angular framework. Jos Annex, Jose Junction, There was still time for high-level languages such as Java, C, and C++ to come out. We are also a leading digital marketing company providing SEO, SMM, SEM, Inbound marketing services, etc at affordable prices. They created a family of easily useable programming languages and named it BASIC. Simon Raik-Allen ABC Technology and Games Updated 17 Jan 2013 (First posted 11 Jan 2013) He developed Plankalkül between 1943 and 1945, but for some reason, it was not implemented. The same year, LISP was invented by  John McCarthy for use in artificial intelligence. There were many improvements but still programming was a tough task. Banaswadi, Lovelace’s contributions to computing marked the beginning of a rich history in programming. But it enhanced so much that today, it is everywhere. The first modern computers (electrically powered) were created in the 1940s. But these programming languages just didn’t come out. Throughout the 20th century, research in compiler theory led to the creation of high-level programming languages, which use a more accessible syntax to communicate instructions. Timeline of general-purpose programming languages by Denis Sureau. 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