Tuna. (No more than one tuna steak or two 170g cans a week). Q. It is generally recommended that you eat whatever you like, whenever you like, in the amounts that you like and continue to do this unless you notice an obvious reaction in your baby to a particular food. Is there a list of foods that I should avoid while breastfeeding? Unlike during pregnancy a breastfeeding mother can eat and drink most things and there aren’t any specific foods to avoid. There's no level of alcohol in breast milk that's considered safe for a baby. Which foods should I avoid while breastfeeding? This may be why some people believe that they must also eat a restrictive diet when breastfeeding. Lactose, the sugar found in milk, is not easily digested. Certain foods and drinks deserve caution while you're breast-feeding. They improve the nutritional status of breast milk. Foods To Avoid When Breastfeeding A Baby With Acid Reflux. These allergenic proteins get absorbed in breast milk and end up producing colicky symptoms in breastfed babies. Answer: Vegetables, fruits, eggs, grains, meats, etc are good for breastfeeding. Q. There are NO foods that a mother should avoid simply because she is breastfeeding. What foods to avoid while breastfeeding to prevent constipation? Q. Certain foods can cause heartburn in adults, therefore these same foods can trigger reflux in babies . If you drink, avoid breast-feeding until the alcohol has completely cleared your breast milk. Shark, Swordfish, Tilefish and King Mackerel are the most important foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding Breast milk is the perfect food for your new baby, there is nothing that can compare to it for nutrition, immune system enhancement and the bonding that takes place while baby is in your arms. (These fish contain a high mercury content). The list of foods that a person should avoid during pregnancy is long. Drink plenty of water every day. Dairy products are top of the list of the type of foods to avoid while breastfeeding due to their high content of allergens. Dairy; Caffeine; Acidic foods- citrus, pineapple, tomato, strawberries and vinegar; Another indicator that acidic foods might bother your baby is diaper rash. The good news is, apart from limiting how much oily fish you eat, there aren’t any specific foods to avoid when breastfeeding your baby. What foods are good for breastfeeding? Foods to Avoid when Breastfeeding. What Foods to Avoid while Breastfeeding ~ Those that every Breastfeeding Mom should stay away from. For example: Alcohol. Answer: Avoid heavy meals and fast foods containing saturated fats. Caffeine and alcohol are also fine, within sensible limits – read on for more advice on this below.