Why? This is the difference between being proactive vs. reactive. Dangerous Reason Stay. Reactive vs Proactive Reactive and Proactive are two terms between which a number of differences can be identified. Excerpt from Chapter 5, The Eighth System, from “The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy Through Better Risk Management” by Matthew Neill Davis (An Inc. 3.1 Running The Imaging Program; 4 Data Security. If you look closely, both words reactive and proactive have the root word ‘active’ common in them. Proactive people exercise the ability to suppress a reactive emotional impulse in order to act in accordance with the values they’ve mindfully chosen, cultivated, and internalized. 2.1 Partitioning Software; 2.2 Partition Uses; 3 Imaging. Search for: About proactiveuser.com. Gary Hamel. "Reactive is being a spectator in the game of life, reacting to whats going on from the sidelines. Original, April 2, 2019). Notes; Class Info; Contact Information; eTRAINING; FYI. To escape the curse of commoditization, a company has to be a game-changer, and that requires employees who are proactive, inventive and zealous. This involves preparing for the future, understanding different points of view, finding your zen, and taking back control of your life. It was about being proactive, not reactive. Posted: November 6, 2019 Article Author: Matthew Neill Davis . Being proactive gives you that control. Offense is critically important to success in business. While it’s great to live in the moment, it is also great to be proactive, not reactive. It is their prefixes that make all the difference. Answers; Get Started. BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE. Escape Curse Company. Be Proactive, Not Reactive. It puts the steering wheel in your hands and you better grab hold—life is a wild ride. YG. 1 Virtual Machines (VM) 1.1 Setup for VM Use; 1.2 Four VM Sample’s; 2 Partitions .