Barramundi can grow very well in both fresh and salt water. We can provide you with Fingerlings ranging from 15mm-140mm. Please do NOT email us regarding availability as these emails are answered from a different location. Availability: Please call the the store on 97475713 to check availability, price and other details before arriving at the store to purchase. Barramundi’s ready market acceptance and the high price it commands, together with an exceptional growing rate (5 month to 500g), make its culture an attractive proposition. The barramundi fish can grow well in over stocking densities. Although stocking around or up to 20,000 fish per acre is recommended for better growth of the fish. Price: $10 How to buy: Usually available from our Sydney Store at 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136. Our quality Premium Barramundi Fingerlings can be shipped to you directly using innovative packing methods. Fingerlings size 0.2g- 1.0g Availability: 12 month a year. Barramundi 5cm. Similar to a large wild Sea Bass, and also known as Giant Sea Perch, though Barramundi has darker markings, and heavier scales. Feeding. Premium Disease & Virus Free Fingerlings are shipped to Farms small & large in Australia and Internationally. It’s a highly prized fish, especially in Australia, where wild fish range from 2-8kg commercially, but can grow up to 55kg. The fingerlings become ready for stocking in the main pond when they reach around or up to 5-10 cm body length.