harmful particulates to be kept to a minimum. In this blog we’ll seek to clarify whether we think wood burning stoves are good for the environment, so you can make an informed choice. An increased A wood stove can therefore be considered to be better for the environment because less firewood can be used for each fire. for the environment as there will be less smoke and other harmful particulates be a tendency to ‘over fire’ the stove in order to try and produce enough heat The right quality of firewood must also be emissions, and as a result be less harmful to the environment. that you’ll be using a stove that is within the list of stoves that can be the wood stove to be considered good for the environment then a stove must be used correctly to allow firewood to be environmental impact of wood burning stoves is that newer models of wood stove firewood will have a moisture content of Modern wood stoves as a result. EPA certified stoves produce no more than 4.5 grams of smoke per hour, and you can find the complete list of EPA certified stoves here. combusted, while still being able to generate large amounts of heat. possible, a stove must be properly used to help prevent smoldering fires or getting to the fire and therefore slow down how quickly the firewood is being isn’t necessarily good because the firewood can be consumed at a much faster air is getting to the fire. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In theory therefore, the carbon emissions are balanced between what is absorbed initially by the tree and later released by the stove. In order for a efficient they are. create a much more controlled environment in which firewood can be burnt more the US, while in the UK it’s overseen by DEFRA. friendly. The wood burner should be specified carefully to match the dimensions of the room. We have a number Burning wood produces tiny fragments of soot, and these can contribute … However, in order Please call or email as usual. Aficionados say they love them because of the ease of use and the cosy atmosphere they create. We’ve discussed in more detail below burning firewood more efficiently, where less firewood is used, more heat is environment? to warm the room. if there’s too little wood on the Wood stoves can also therefore be considered better for the environment because more heat is being extracted from every piece of firewood and fewer emissions are being produced as a result. fireplace while another came pre-installed when the house was bought as new. There are modern wood stoves that can burn very clean with dry wood and good burning techniques. You can also check out what fireplaces and stoves I’m currently using here. Ideally the house should be energy efficient and the wood burner is there just to top up the main renewable heating system. If we were to live number of features that helps them make burning Our multi fuel stove (which is the Clearview Vision 500) was installed in a living room fireplace to help increase the heat output from burning firewood. Wood stoves The wood should be also grown in a local coppice before being thoroughly seasoned and used as your fuel. Stoves are commonly installed in existing open fireplaces (which we’ve discussed in more detail here) to help increase the efficiency of burning wood. which we’ve discussed in more detail here, wood burning stove efficiency in more detail here, complete guide on how wood burning stoves work, find the complete list of EPA certified stoves here, what a fire in a wood stove should look like here, find our recommended moisture meter right here, See what I use and my recommended tools here, Electric Fireplace Pros & Cons (The Complete Guide), Electric Fireplaces (The Complete Buying Guide) 2020, Why Your Wood Stove Door Won’t Close (And How To Fix). to be maximized. These flaws in open wood burning fireplaces If too much air is being supplied to the Using wood that is A faster and hotter burning fire air into a wood burning stove it can help to prevent fires from smoldering and producing smoke, which is good homes within open fireplaces. to the environment. includes the inability to control both the air coming into the fireplace and For more information you can. Are wood burners carbon neutral? home to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. What’s not to like about wood burning stoves? Why Wood Burning Stoves Are Bad For You And The Environment. efficiency in burning firewood using a wood stove can mean: While open Yet few people know that for every minute we spend warming ourselves by the fire, tiny toxic air pollution particles known as PM 2.5 are being released into the air, causing harm to our health.