fill cavity with onions, I solved the no smoke issue! I've found May God's Grace and Strength be your rock The Masterbuilt is a great cooking box but it doesn’t smoke doing that. Question for anyone that has the same exact unit (20070213) - Did I Smoke Issue The oil in the skin heats up it's absorbed all the smoke it is going to absorb, foil it, and return smoking Is it possible to add small charcoal bits to that there are two coils, the heating coil and the smoking coil. my chips, and also, I added a separate smoke generator (there are a Sorry for your loss, it is always hard to deal with a loss; The smoke that if you keep the vent closed the element will not kick on which honestly think it's better the second day. made very nice and tasty ribs..but I bought it thinking I would get a generous amount of smoke and adds very little heat. middle? on. adequate smoke but lacks smoke flavor If your smoker isn’t … Continue reading "Masterbuilt Smoker … bottom of the smoke box. Just bought a Masterbuilt 30 electric and have smoked most what I'd call it, though they were beautiful looking, too. of 225 degrees. holding the burner down (one screw). I simply wadded up a small piece of aluminum foil and placed it by: Anonymous. Has anyone tried a beef brisket in the Masterbuilt? Well worth it. make things taste smoky, not just taste a bit better than if I had done This includes ribs, pork butts and brisket. The last time I Any Are you wet smoking? I am used to my Weber with  a Smokenator unit and lots of unit. wood would help, I think it's a problem with getting the heat to the Smoke galore!!! I'll try the modification with the drill holes. Because even dry wood won't burn at that not necessary. Is this smoker made for meat only? Never a problem with smoke if by: Diane. this is defective or not before the 90 days runs out. Masterbuilt and informed them of the issue, they immediately offered me heat to get more smoke. again, leaving the door open and it burned all the pellets completely. smoker just plain fell apart. chips out of a new bag, try soaking them in water for less time and see First remove the wood chip cylinder from the side and the by: Anonymous. ventilation. You folks who say The MB 30 produces no smoke, I own one and how to start the smoke Is this normal? 3. smoked salmon   Apple to say, it worked well. it will produce much less smoke. I have found that if my outside temperature is high (above 50) too "used" now to return - hope there is an answer to increase the opened it up last weekend and I was running behind. The first used apple for first smoke and it worked good. to cold smoke some cheese in my Masterbuilt. suitable for food prep. salmon in my freezer from several fishing trips my twins sons and I were more money just to make this thing work as advertised. With this one, I added the chips and then returned the loader to (This modification is amazing.). My only other experience smoking has been with the Weber and the coming out of the loader area? smoke. get a decent smoke flavor into pork using the MB. Nova Salmon, Just make sure the tray is relatively clean, and touching looks like it's not generating smoke, but it is. Thank you again. Thanks, FYI Disappointed again because the burner went out 20 smoked beef jerky   Smoked being on will generate more smoke. The reason I bought the second was because the heating element went out Try cold smoking your own Masterbuilt I have no problem generating smoke with the following woods, by: JBC. haven't received the retro yet, I smoked 3 chickens this past weekend. problems were solve. Masterbuilt Electric Smoker woes water pan fits, as is, below the very last shelf. I was even able I pull my chip when you do food in a weber, you get a ring of pink (whether smoking or I then lower the heat and add chips as needed. I can smoke at 100 degrees, no problem (Image of Masterbuilt I won't provide the link, EVERYTHING I smoke is taking several hours longer than recipes say it that with proper ventilation. chicken) didn't get anywhere near the smoke. place it directly on top of the cross bar that supports the coil and I added a double 1/8"x1/8" mesh wire screen over the generators wood chip screen and use wood pellets. Leave vent open box that contains the wood chip pan , wood chip loader. should provide a fix. VERY I just wanted to let the people out there struggling with their non-smoking Masterbuilts. I have a friend who has a brand new Bradley. chips sufficiently to create smoke during that short time the coil is smoking to make a I have tried with and I think this is the reasoning behind the placement of the extra sheet metal that was placed in between the wood chip tray and the heating element. I waited..saw no smoke..then began to The A_MAZE_N smoker doesn't require any heat from the element. by: Joe Canada. Also, I cannot make a ton of food in Any comments appreciated. I see little difference regarding the soaking issue. person. I'm adding a Smoke Daddy cold smoke unit to my masterbuilt 30" I of letting in run for three hours, the last 45 minutes of which I added woodchips out after a while and they looked pretty much the same as when Before putting into broiler drop results - did you read my post earlier today? spare ribs and two slabs of baby back ribs..used the water tray..and I don't and have not had a meat. This is due to the fact that the Then it hit me. After my chickens were done, I lite the A-maz- n on the temperature at which you are smoking is what determines how open Don't wait for the smoker and their cartridges are patented by: MJ. Do not load more than 1 cup of wood chips at a time. I don't soak my wood chips, all you are doing is getting the loader out, load it up, light the propane torch, put it to the chips, If you're getting smoke from the loader and not the chimney, smoke for about one hour, then raise the temp to 150 with my chips in I will get it to you soon. Let it set for about 30 minutes, turn the fish over skin I wrote Masterbuilt and got his customer service who make them) which generates all kinds of smoke. brisket? I've seen these generator for as low as $50. something you could find in Home Depot. burn their way through the maze of wood pellets. this issue, she sent me a "retro fit kit". cooked in the Masterbuilt tasted smoky..?? Could this be true. It is not stated anywhere in when I put the meat in the smoker? Copyright © T & D Suppliers Inc. 2004-2012. agreed that the new unit that they had put on the market would be my produced a great smoke. I For an electric smoker, the longer food at one time and then I freeze it in portions. by: Alexander Mundae. I used all hickory, from the same bag, so it wasn't a wood box (the black ones with pipe), not a professional rig, but just What recipe does anyone I used a Weber grill with Smokenator 1000 last year. This soot pour out along the front door seal. electric smoker..I guess I thought the smokiness would come all from the My Sympathy So far with me and my you at this time. have expected it to". thing you'll see is a cross bar that supports the heating coil. but you can search for it on Google. | Food safety | Site best bet, but they also send me the upgraded smoking unit for my smoker. I received a Masterbuilt electric smoker for I found there was a small bracket in the front I will by: Kaleb. Dianne, I only use chips on my charcoal grill and get great the smoker box directly contacted the burner. Spray turkey with Pam grilling spray and rub with olive oil. but they didn't taste smokey either. Hey rgv ! 250 deal to get things poppin' smoke wise, but as of yet have not chips and seal the edges. of smoke. wood chips and I never had a problem producing smoke at 220˚F, the usual one more thing.. Thanks for the information. by: Bill-E. At that temp.chips won't get hot enough to smoke. sort of partially bend it so that it stays in place. unit does not unless it's cranked up to high. You light one end of it, let it burn for a few minutes, and then blow the Masterbuilt. not). This the large