Some will only spawn during the Drill Rig construction projects, Flame Turrets, or Reclamation construction projects. For Mechagon, there are obtainable mounts from questing and from within Operation: Mechagon. Special Reclamation Rig Event - Source of Blueprint: Rustbolt Requisitions Found Players have discovered that the Supercollider weapon created by the Toys For Destruction quest today can activate a special occurrence during the reclamation rig encounter, awarding the Blueprint: Rustbolt Requisitions needed for the Junkyard Architect portion of the Mecha-Done meta achievement. Some are extraordinary rare respawns like Bonepicker, and Steel Singer Freza. Vhx-kiljaeden 2019-07-06 05:27:50 UTC #5 The fact that a number of players have unlocked PF2 already would point to the fact that the quests in both zones are appropriately designed and frequent enough for players to gain the necessary rep. Some respawn within 10-20 minutes. Spawn rates of them need to be increased. You don't want him to aggro you when your fighting Steelsnap and his two guards. Mechagon has several Rare Elites spread in the present timeline and in the alternate future timeline (via Chromie). You can do both of those quests and the Wind Rider quest all at the same time … This was only possible starting today, because it requires at least one person at the Reclamation Rig to have completed the Toys For Destruction daily quest at least 4 times. Kommentar von Medievaldragon This NPC is part of the Mechagon's Rest in Pistons achievement. Rumblerocks Another daily rare spawn with a reset timer between half an hour and an hour. A word of caution though, the level 30 Elite Rock Elemental Rok'Alim needed for the Test of Strength quest can spawn there as well. Horde and Alliance have Faction Assaults in the same zone, one as the attacker, one as the defender - Horde and Alliance have mostly shared quest areas, Warmode can be dangerous! Mecharantula-- 87.90 19.60 (Sparkweaver Point) Paol Pondwader-- 22.02 69.17 (Roams the north side … They work in a similar way to Legion Invasions, however the enemy is now the opposing faction. Others have odd respawn timers. New Mounts and Equipment — In Rise Of Azshara, Players could earn new mounts from both Mechagon and Nazjatar. Today in Mechagon, players have found a hidden "Hard Mode" on the Reclamation Rig which drops the Blueprint: Rustbolt Requisitions item that is required for the Mechagon meta achievement. Some only spawn when a player summons it, or like the one Faction Assaults (formerly named Incursions) start with WoW Patch 8.1. This rare spawn is only available while the Reclamation Rig daily construction project active. Mechagonian Nullifier - 56.88 52.10 (Junkwatt Depot: Requires Smashed Transport Relay, which has a small drop rate from minions that spawn for 1 minute during Gemicide's Drill Rig DR-JD99 drilling.