Bright yellow works really well with vintage pastels. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack from Two Feet First. A simple shelf works magic in the entryway to store things and create a display. These shoe rack plans are available in a wide variety of styles, from a basic shoe rack with shelves, to a bench with shoe storage, and even some large shoe storage options that would be great in a closet. You can build very easy shoe racks from them and don’t spend much time or money on it. Build pipe shelving to put on a display in industrial decor style. Fairly simple, this shoe rack is made entirely out of cardboard which is twisted and adjusted to fit in a shoe. 33. We especially like this design in pastel green and beautiful top surface in wood finish. This DIY shoe rack is as much a hack as a project. DIY Hexagon Shoe Rack. This shoe ladder is simply brilliant. You can fix simple crates together and even add divider shelves for more storage. 1) Table Shoe Rack. 31. This DIY shoe organizer looks better than most units you can pick up in stores and you can build it yourself. It's a pretty quick project that will give you more than enough room for you and your family's shoes. Underneath the floating bench is a tucked-away shelf that's perfect for shoe storage. familyhandyman. If you like to hide your shoes away, this bench will do just that. Here’s what you can read next: 20 Easy DIY Closet Organization Ideas on a Budget, 13 Simple DIY Bike Rack Ideas That Look Good, 13 Easy DIY Coffee Mug Holders and Racks You Need at Home, 27 Easy DIY Pantry Shelves for Much More Storage in the Kitchen. It’s certainly an interesting solution. We always prefer interesting rustic design so this brilliant shoe rack is one of our favorites. This rectangular shoe rack is made of a handful of long sticks, all of which will be used for the frame of the rack. It’s a pretty clever solution. This is a beautiful entryway DIY shoe rack and an easy idea that costs less than $15. It’s easy to do and these projects aren’t usually very involving. They are functional, often have multiple purposes and don’t take much space at all. As a simple and cheap solution, these hanging shoe racks are great. The shelves are slanted on purpose, moving your shoes out of the way and still offering a great deal of space. In this example, all white shoe boxes are used creating a uniform look with labels to keep it organized. A small but elegant shoe rack is what you need to keep all the shoes in order. Ultimately, this shoe rack is the epitome of quality and practicality! See the link to get the complete plans and instructions. The crates are simply painted and then arranged in any way that fits your needs. They make the ideal rack! Those old empty wooden crates can be put to really good use as a DIY shoe rack. Build this great DIY shoe rack for the entryway or mudroom as a simple craft project. This may be a technical task to handle, but by following the tutorial accordingly, you will have no problem doing it. See the article to learn how it’s done. And you don’t really have to do much to use them. Using pallet wood, you can create suspended shelves that take very little room and are great for entryways. All you need is two sturdy planks of wood with wooden frames on which the planks can be fixed. 2) Consistency Is Artistic. Start with a ladder-like design and form a box in which your shoes will acquire a whole new look. homedit. Shoes can get anywhere around the house if you’re not keeping them organized. It’s perfect for keeping those shoes of your toddlers together in one place. What you will need is a wood board to serve as both the rack’s frame and shelving. Let good designing come to your home, and have a look at this extraordinary shoe rack, made entirely out of PVC pipes! You can make a shoe rack from anything from wood to PVC pipe—there's even a cool idea to make shoe shelves out of skateboards! It won’t overcrowd a small entryway and help you organize at the same time. Even though it's a budget project, it builds a beautiful piece of furniture and you'll have this shoe rack for years to come. What a fantastic DIY copper shoe rack as a natural home project from the simple hardware store supplies. If you want to hide all shoes away from the view, use baskets and tuck them away in otherwise unused space, such as under the bench. The industrial decor style is interesting and appealing. For a great extra storage solution that adds to your decor build these attractive bins on wheels. Do not miss these ideas of DIY wooden shoe rack. All you have to do is install them on a wall and you get a charming rustic shoe rack. This is a neat little shoe rack that you can make from wood and pipes to get a rustic industrial look. See the tutorial to see how it’s done. Once you have a few, you just put them together to build this amazing shoe rack that will hold all of your shoes – and do it in rustic farmhouse style. Check out this idea and try it out at home. It's a twist on a DIY dresser and would look great anywhere in your home. It’s a great way to add some decor interest to your entryway. While it’s attractive and convenient itself, it puts unused shoes away safely. Look around your own home first – maybe you have several old wooden boxes in the garage or wooden pallets in the garden house? If you want to build a shoe rack yourself, you do not need to make your way to the hardware store right away. To keep your shoes organized I will show you how to build a simple but beautiful shoe rack out of pallet wood. In today’s article I will show you some ideas to create the shoemaker that best suits your needs. is your one-stop to all things home decor and DIY home projects. Sometimes you should accentuate it for dramatic effect and you can even do it with a bin. Choose wood pieces to stand as the shoe rack’s frame, and keep your dimensions just enough to fit your shoes vertically and horizontally. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Hanging wire baskets is a pretty clever idea to organize and it’s quite interesting as far as decor goes. It’s certainly a fun and attractive way to do it. It may not provide a lot of space but it’s perfect for your entryway to keep those shoes tidy. You can play with shelf levels in accordance with your space, finally achieving a shoe rack dream! Why hide those fancy shoes when you can display them? Focusing on this very design alone, here comes a DIY project that is beyond worthy of your time! She has over 18 years experience in teaching and writing about personal finance. These are some great ideas nonetheless. Open shelves are great to store stuff and even put them on display. It doesn’t have to be walk-in either – you can add a shoe rack to a small space too. The wooden crates providing closed storage is an easy and stylish design decision. We choose this cubby as the best shoe storage idea on the list. Here are all other ideas that didn’t fit any of the above categories. Read on! If someone told you this fashionable shoe rack is actually cheap and very easy to do, would you be interested? And you can do it yourself on a meager budget too. This industrial-style shoe rack plan uses wood boards along with pipes to create a great looking small shoe rack for any area of your home. But that can be tricky if there’s a lot of them at home, owned by all family members. DIY Shoe Cabinet from House Becoming Home. If you need something simple that does the job, this wooden shoe rack is the most simple unit that you can build yourself. Check out the tutorial for instructions and plans. This is a great idea that is easy to pull off. This 3-tier DIY shoe rack can be built for $35 with some spruce boards and wood stain. What you will need is obviously a piece of wide and long cardboard, measuring tape, and a great way to decorate the cardboard’s exterior. This shoe storage bench project has four large crates to hold shoes and a bench on top for putting on and taking off shoes. Here’s another shoe rack that you can build very easily. DIY Entryway Shoe Rack (without Bench) While we normally see shock rack in home entry points with shelves, this is a simple and conventional-looking shoe rack. Check out the link to find out how it’s done. Decide where you will keep the storage rack – entryway, garage, other rooms. Materials for this DIY project include pine, plywood, wood glue, nails, paint, and sandpaper. Hanging your shoes on a string can literally mean the solution of your shoe problem in the closet. You’d have a vast variety of choices in making your own pallet wood shoe rack since anything can be made with a pallet wood. These under the bed drawers make storing things really effective and very organized. Install it in your entryway for quick and easy organization of your most used shoes. This stunning floating bench can be used in a mudroom, entryway, or laundry room.