Battle of Fort Sumter The Battle of Fort Sumter was the opening engagement of the American Civil War. “If Lee Had Not Won the Battle of Gettysburg” By: Winston S. Churchill “If today [Kaiser Wilhelm II] occupies in old age the most splendid situation in Europe, let him not forget that he might well have found himself eating the bitter bread of exile, a dethroned sovereign and a broken man loaded with unutterable reproach. Custis Lee, had spent most of the war serving as an aide to President ... Hooker crossed the Rappahannock, having 17,278 casualties to Lee’s 12,826. it wasn't a battle. Fort Stedman MORE BATTLES IN THIS CAMPAIGN Petersburg The Crater First Battle of Deep Bottom Second Deep Bottom Hatcher's Run New Market Heights Peebles' Farm Battle of Fort Harrison Reams Station it was here where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War. The loss was a devastating blow for Lee’s army, setting up the Confederate defeat at Five Forks on April 1st and the fall of Petersburg on April 2-3rd. Battle of Fort Henry The Battle of Fort Henry on February 6, 1862, was the first significant Union victory of the American Civil War (1861-65). There, he formed a battle line on a ridge parallel to the creek facing northeast, overlooking the Hillsman farm. The battle of Port Royal, 7 November 1861, was a major Union victory early in the American Civil War that demonstrated how difficult it would be for the Confederacy to defend its coastline. General Lee’s eldest son, Maj. Gen. G.W. (The Court House at Appomattox.) Battle of the Wilderness, (May 5–7, 1864), in the American Civil War, the first battle of Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s "Overland Campaign," a relentless drive to defeat once and for all Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of.