You can powder your nose before date night or powder your hands before deadlifts. IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use white chocolate morsels in lemon puppy chow, the extract will make it seize instantly and be a giant mess and waste of ingredients. You can add the extract and zest right to the melted “chocolate” and stir until incorporated. Coated in peppermint white chocolate and dusted in confectioner's sugar, this sweet holiday treat comes together in just a few minutes. Just to reiterate, this won’t work with white chocolate … If you’re like me, the second you see Easter candy hit the shelves, your mind goes to one thing and one thing only. Puppy chow snack mix, also known as "muddy buddies" or "reindeer chow", is a sweet snack mix made with chex cereal. A new twist on puppy chow includes white cake mix with sprinkles and vanilla almond bark for a festive, confetti white puppy chow. But, darling, you do not need to powder your Peanut Butter & White Chocolate Puppy Chow with Cadbury Mini Eggs makes for a quick and easy Easter snack that’s sure to cure that springtime sweet tooth.