Need your products quickly? We use only the highest quality plywood for laminating to ensure a balanced and great looking product. Add to wishlist Category: 10-Mil Paperbacked Tag: Fir. Softwood plywood comes in different wood species, but fir and pine are most common. Description Additional information Description. Hardwood plywood is more expensive but is considered more visually appealing. Douglas VG Fir Veneer | 10 Mil $ 0.00. Additional information. x 3.469 in.) Softwood plywood is ideal for projects where cost must be kept down or where the look of the plywood is not a priority, such as with wall sheathing or subflooring. Question I just sent a batch of VG Fir slab plywood doors to the finisher, and got a call that he noticed lighter stripes running perpendicular to the grain. Vertical Grain (VG) Fir. We manufacture with quick lead times and rarely have minimums. VG Fir is a high-end product which is is available as casing, base, door stop, astragals and S4S mouldings. Douglas Fir is primarily found in the United States and Canada. Stripes in Fir Plywood A cabinetmaker's finisher notices a strange defect in some Fir plywood, probably caused by grain compression that happened at the plywood mill. One variety, the coast Douglas fir, grows along the Pacific Ocean from central British Columbia south to central California. 38/3' … Contact us for our great pricing, let us work for you to make sure you get exactly what you need. The heartwood is moderately decay resistant. It is usually book matched and sometimes slip matched, with the grain running along the 8’ dimension. Generally found in quarter cut, more veneer and plywood are made from this species than any other. October 13, 2012 . This softwood lumber dries well with good dimensional stability. High grade Doug Fir in short lengths, a great deal for furniture builders. No problem! Specie: Fir LATIN NAME: Pseudotsuga menziesii OTHER COMMON NAMES: douglas fir, oregon pine. Douglas Fir wood veneer is also available with the Tuf-Pli™ polyback or Pli-Flex™ wood on wood backer options as special order. An evergreen conifer species native to western North America. Douglas Fir has a high bending strength, shear strength and stiffness. We offer Douglas Fir Plywood in quartered vertical grain. Grade: A/B. Fir Plywood. 2"x4" C&Better Kiln Dried Vertical Grain Doug Fir 3'-5' (1.469 in. It can also be found in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Shipped sheets are A/B grade and may not match the image(s) above. Mixed Grain . All images are representative of the color and figure characteristics of the veneer species. Janka Hardness Value: 660. Backer: 10 Mil Paper. It is a hard species and is suitable for use where wear is a factor. It is also known as Clear Vertical Fir, VG, CVG, British Columbian Pine, Columbian Pine and Oregon Pine. And the limited amount of defects greatly reduces waste and time because you don’t have to cut around them. Out of stock . The very tight grain provides added strength as well as a uniform colour and texture. log in to see fir plywood pricing & stock. 85¢LF by the pallet.