If I was doing this just for me I’d add another chilli (I love spicy food), but this was good for everyone else. The changes all sound great, too – and corn always has a place , Please add me to your mailing list. What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Africa? I was actually going to make chili today, then realized I was low on beans. Sauté the garlic, onion, celery, carrots and peppers for a few minutes, on a medium heat, until … Add water, broth, brown lentils and kidney beans in the pan and cook it for 10 minutes. I enjoyed reading it. but you’re right, the veggie kind is just as good if not better. As we’ve finished eating the dog and there was no more meat left around, we tried this one. Both us adults really liked it also. Love that yummy avocado on the top! I will prepare this as soon as I can! So you use the liquid from the canned tomatoes, right? I am thinking to make it on the weekend for a mid- week dinner. That sounds delicious , Made this on the weekend using the slow cooker. Hi Sara! So glad, Candice. Gonna try another one or two recipes later on also Cheers, Hi Lisa! Thank God I found this recipe. But bollocks to that – of course that was silly, and things have changed now. This looks lovely. Ha awesome!!! More veg = even better, and is a nice way to go low-carb for those that need to. So that’s why we kept the ‘con’ so that peeps will recognize the kind of recipe . Ah wow, what a compliment! My 9-year-old recently became vegetarian for ethical reasons. Try 1 cup of brown beans (and molasses or plain) instead of lentils. Irish doodle in Stockholm, Wonderful comment, Fran! Choose the type of message you'd like to post, 1 x 400g tin of baked beans or kidney beans/mixed beans, 2 tsp chilli powder, more if you like it hot. That is AWESOME, Amanda! Yum! I just made this and it is really delish, easy, healthy and inexpensive. I’m really happy to hear it. , Hey Maya! I did cook the onion and garlic first. All my friends are asking for the recipe. Haha yes, we called it that on purpose :). Kids loved it and both asked for seconds. That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing Thomas! Now I have a new recipe to make tomorrow so it all worked out. Hi Audrey, I normally use red lentils in this recipe as they cook the quickest . I loved this recipe, it’s the first time I made a chilli without powder and I will be be staying with this one. My only change was the addition of a tablespoon of chili powder (I have never had chili without chili powder before and it felt like something was missing to me without it). Keep him at it , Lovely chilli recipe. Made this for the first time tonight and served it as nacho topping with cheese, sour cream and of course corn chips. Add mince, continue cooking until brown, 2 - 3 minutes. So good topped with sour cream, shredded cheese and avocado. Hi, I made this today. Heat the oil in a frying pan and add chopped onions and peppers, fry until soft. Hi! And I plan to share it! Hi Alan, thanks for the feedback. I added some liquid smoke, chili powder, ancho pepper, chipotle pepper and smoked paprika to add some heat I’ll be making this over and over again! I LOOOOOVE chili! New! Although technically there are some tiny differences between them (meat vs bones), we use the terms interchangeably – especially as veggie ones use neither meat nor bone of course! But it’s really easy to add to your intake, and this dish does that. He did the cooking and prep-or-asian and it worked wonderfully. Yummy! It has saved my life since turning vegan cause the kids devoured it along with cashew sour cream. You’re absolutely right, Ronak! (fresh, frozen, dry – all work – use more if fresh), Throw all these ingredients into a pan with. I am planning to make this tonight. So far half a cup was the magic number for us (and we’ve made it a fair few times) but I guess there can always be variations due to heat and so on. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Yes smoked tofu and paprika would be a brilliant add-on. You can read more about the benefits of fibre in this article from Harvard. They have lots of liquid with them then, which is important for the sauce in the sin carne. And I’m really liking the addition of sun-dried tomatoes…super yummy! As a result, the whole family is eating mostly vegetarian. Another wonderful recipe. Made this for my dinner tonight and it was absolutely delicious! I’m only in my second week of eating plant based food, but this is definitely the best recipe yet! But no longer! Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne (vegetarian/vegan) Chilli Con Carne for vegans and vegetarians: made with mushrooms instead of meat, with a bit of chocolate for the great taste. One of our readers suggested serving this meatless chilli with cauliflower rice and we couldn’t agree more. It must me CHILI SIN CARNE Thanks for the recipe! . Adding it to my camping cookbook too. So good to hear that Liz! I hope that helps! Easy to make, easily customized to taste, and overall a great experience. The sweetcorn fritters tend to go down well with families (https://hurrythefoodup.com/sweetcorn-fritters/) – would probably make a double batch. I assume that’s more accurate than crushed? The additions you made sound so good, too. Our nutritional information charts shows the counts from a serving size designed to be accompanied by a side of your choice – toasted whole grain bread, tortillas and brown rice all compliment it really well! Scared of not eating meat. Wohooooo!! Chili con carne was one. Thanks Sina! average adult should eat between 25-30 grams of fibre per day, benefits of fibre in this article from Harvard, cooking the ultimate microwave baked potato, Easy and Healthy Spinach Banana Super Smoothie (3 Min, Vegan), Avocado Spinach Fitness Smoothie (6 Min, Vegan), https://hurrythefoodup.com/hurrythefoodup-newsletter-sign-up/, https://hurrythefoodup.com/sweetcorn-fritters/. Cumin is TOTALLY a game changer!! Who said meat free recipes can’t deliver? Thank you! Hi! Woo! Chickpeas for lentils sounds like a great swap indeed! Howdy Dave, My 15 year old son wans to become a vegetarian but he’s a lazy B. delicious vegan chilli con carnerecipe that’s warming and comforting whilst being completely healthy and nutritious A lot of peeps were asking for chili con carne without meat, so we obliged . From the UK to Germany with many stops along the way. The lentils and beans ensure the chili is hearty and filling, while the peppers, onion and corn give it that real chili con carne feel. Hooray! This meatless (aka vegan) chili proves that you can still enjoy your favourite meals, but in a new, animal friendly way. Probs to your son for taking over the kitchen! Please sign up right here https://hurrythefoodup.com/hurrythefoodup-newsletter-sign-up/. Just made this. , I tried it a few times with great results . Thanks for leaving a comment . Was a good swap. These were the only changes. Thanks for writing, Rebecca, really glad the fam all enjoyed it! “Because there’s a f-ing H in it!” High five fellow Izzard fans! I added some meat-free soy “mince,” fresh cooked corn, and precooked my soaked dried lentils separately and then added them so that I didn’t overcook the peppers and corn. Let it simmer for 25 minutes.