Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and thanks for the review!! Yay! I’ll admit that I was a bit concerned about the amount of flax meal, but the texture and flavor were fantastic. These have a base of vital wheat gluten and rice flour — not something you would think could taste like sausage, but you have to taste it to believe it. And if you really want to take it to the next level, you can make a double batch of these and freeze individually-wrapped patties. So a smoothie that’s thick enough to eat with a spoon is bound to keep you fuller longer. They taste great and you can serve them multiple ways — in sandwiches, diced up and added to Italian sauces, sliced and sautéed with bell peppers and onions. Sometimes it's the simple things you crave like sausages. These just taste a bit too gluey to me, which I think is because of the large quantity of flax seed. They have a light beany flavor and pair really well with a tofu scramble and some fresh fruit. Oh this is great to hear CJ! Awesome Hannah!! If I want to make a batch of these to freeze, would you suggest freezing the patties prior to cooking or after? THANK YOU for this recipe which will surely be a staple in our house. Because chia seeds to replace lentils would be a very crumbly and not shape-able patty. Thank you for the recipe, I will be making these again and again! Good stuff like this makes plant-based eating pretty easy to stick to. Here’s What Worked for Me, 20 Sweet And Savory Indian Snacks For Your Diwali Celebration, Here’s What You Need to Be Eating for Naturally Clear Skin, 25 Meat-Free Main Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Feast, How Factory Farming Creates Air Pollution, Breakfast Andouille Sausages With Biscuits. Yay Patrick! I personally love using syrup in recipes, but we’re out – it doesn’t last long in my house! Hi … another question about the flaxseed … I believe 1 egg is about 1/4 c liquid so 1 C Flaxseed would be 4 eggs? Yes absolutely those would both work, although some vegans do not do honey so that is up to you! And yes, it can be hard to find vegan breakfast sausages that taste good and are good for you. I still had to add a bit of warm warm water to the mix to get it to stay together. Either way, though, I’m definitely going to make these again with some tweaks. These meat-free sausages are made using lentils, rolled oats, and ground flaxseed as the base, then mixed with a collection of sausage-worthy spices to bring the flavor on point. Yes, you want to leave the fennel seeds whole, so you get that pop of flavor- I can see how grinding them would overpower the dish. I have never tried using textured soy for this recipe. Hi Jen, good question! These little bites of goodness are the perfect appetizer at any party. I have never liked lentils, and breakfast sausage is a staple for me. Plus, this recipe is meat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-fat, plant-based, and can be made nut-free, too, if preferred! Making your own vegan sausage might seem tricky, but really, the hardest part is choosing the kind of sausage to make. Texture is very nice. Or am I crazy? A study published a couple of years ago suggests that the thicker your smoothie, the more satiating it is (i.e., the more staying power it has, helping you feel satisfied for hours). They are WAY better than the real thing!!!! Do I drain the lentils before adding them to the bowl? That’s wonderful to hear Nina, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! We have all kinds of vegan ways to start your day that are rich in fiber to keep you full until lunch. I have not personally done this yet but I imagine they would freeze well. Mix until combined well. will follow up, Great recipe idea! Any suggestions? I was wondering if you could pop this in the food processor before patting out the patties? Disregard my last post, I did not cook the lentils in the broth and added 3 cups into my mix too. These Filippino Breakfast Sausages are going to become a Sunday breakfast must-have! If you try this I’d love to hear how it goes! I made a double batch and used an ice-cream scoop to portion each one. I hope you give it a go and let me know what you think! Unfortunately at this time I do not have the nutritional info. Hey Shauna! Made from a base of black-eyed peas and rice flour, these sausages are soy-free and gluten-free and full of flavor and spice. Defrost with a quick reheat in a non-stick skillet. So, get ready because we have 15 meat-free sausage recipes that you have to try. Could you kindly tell me (us) what quantity of canned lentils you used? When I was a kid, I would beg my parents to pretty please take me through the breakfast drive-thru so I could get a sausage and cheese muffin, which was loaded with sugar and God knows what else. I’m so happy you enjoyed them:), Looks and reads delicious but please clarify for me what C means after your first few ingredients. This recipe certainly is a keeper. Thanks for sharing Allison! Remaking now!! This meat-free, dairy-free version is made from sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes with nutritional yeast added to give it that cheesy flavor. I hope you enjoy it! I originally tried to make these with chickpeas – because that’s my go-to meat substitution for things like meatballs. Enjoy these little links with pretty much anything. I made a whole batch and froze them last time and am only running out now and wanted to make them again but swear the recipe I used had chia seeds. Yum! That being said, if you think it would work better for your child, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a go! Chickpea Pancakes with Avocado, Tomato and Watercress {vegan} These vegan chickpea pancakes are a really creative vegan breakfast. Eggplant Crunchburger [Vegan, Gluten-Free], A Whole Foods Vegan Diet: The Ultimate Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Meats and Meat Substitutes, Want to Eat Plant-Based but Having Digestion Problems? Add to medium pot with broth and bring to a boil; cook on medium high for … If you try this please let me know how it goes! I was very skeptical on using lentils but I followed the recipe, didn’t have sage so I used majorum instead and used wheat flour and water as a binder since I didn’t have any flaxseeds.