Rooted in Rosé, this portfolio includes vibrant, delicious, high quality wines, ciders and spirits that are inspired by the heritage of Hampton’s bohemia including our iconic Summer In A Bottle, elegant No. It is the perfect summer wine. This Rosé has lovely balance between the fresh fruit, fine tannins, good minerality and graceful acidity. It is the visual and taste portrait of the Hampton's high summer. Summer in a Bottle Rosé 2019. ... You’re not just paying for the slinky bottle with this one. Serve chilled, solo or as a complement to almost any food. Be the first to review this item » Sold Out Lot Fifty-Four Rosé 2019. Rosé wine season is here, with excellent bottles from Provence, America, Italy, and beyond. Be the first to review this item » Sold Out Grandioso Rosé 2019. From barbecues to picnics to beach hangs, rosé is the quintessential summer wine.The floral-hued sip goes down smooth—and is pretty much guaranteed to make for a … To drink as much rosé in one summer as the cast of Summer House does, you'd probably have to buy out your local liquor store's supply of Franzia.But since we're sure these young professionals are buying pricier wine than that, their alcohol bill alone has to be high. 10 of the Best Rosés of 2020, to Keep Summer Going. Read VinePair's list of the 25 best rosés to drink in 2020 now! 139 Dry Ciders, celebrated Gin and non-alcoholic Verjus made from vinifera grapes. Our summer inspired products reflect Wölffer Estate’s youthful spirit and commitment to innovation.