Habanero peppers are perfect for this recipe – nice and spicy! ... fresh pineapple, honey, habanero, habanero… Habanero Margarita + Habanero Infused Tequila Cake 'n' Knife. Or skip them for a straight mango margarita … – but you can either cut back on the habanero peppers or replace them with milder peppers for a lower heat version. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/jalapeno-margaritas-6565528 www.allonseat.com/tequila-habanero-honey-and-lemon-cocktail habanero pepper, silver tequila, ice, habanero, lime, salt, triple sec and 1 more. El Yucateco® Shooters Skinny over 40. https://www.wickedspatula.com/grilled-mango-habanero-margaritas