Room number, name and the number of … If your hotel offers room service, special promotions, or has a restaurant, bar, or café, then our menu maker can save you time and money. All dishes are made to order and can be enjoyed in the guest areas or in your own room – the choice is yours. at gOOD SaMaRitan hOSPitaL Room Service welcome to … This administrative fee is not a gratuity and is the property of the hotel to cover discretionary costs. service charge of which 17% will be distributed to room service team members and 5% will be retained by the hotel as an administrative fee. Soup (Available 24 hours) Oriental lentil soup Lentil puree served with crouton and lemon wedges AED 35.00 Cream of Vegetable Vegetable puree with cream AED 35.00 Veloute of Asparagus and Chicken dec 22, 2016 - downloadable breakfast in bed room service menu more iMENUPRO HOTEL MENU SAMPLES. Unlike standard menu templates, our unique Style system lets you resize your menu to any custom size imaginable, so you can quickly make adjustments that work for you. Our chefs have been hard at work creating a wide range of menus, including Afternoon Tea and made-to-order breakfasts. Order taker answered the phone within 3 rings. An additional $4.00 in-room … Room Service was available 24 X 7. Room Service Patient Menu 0515_GS_RoomServiceMenuv6.indd 1 5/22/15 8:35 AM. If you are browsing for other specialty dining menus, including Luminae , also take a look at the individual specialty restaurants in … OuR ROOM SeRViCe PROgRaM haS been SPeCiaLLy DeSigneD tO OFFeR yOu an eXtRaORDinaRy Patient eXPeRienCe. Room service menu فﺮﻐﻟا ... All prices in Dirhams, inclusive of 10% Municipality Fee & 10% Service Charge. Celebrity Cruises Main Dining Room Menus, Breakfast Room Service Menus, and More Scroll all the way down for actual menus from different ships and itineraries. Give hotel patrons all of the information that they need to order a delicious meal right from their suites with this customizable Phone answered with a warm and sincere greeting of the day. Please note the menus given here are a sample of our current offering, and different hotels may offer varying menus.