The moss looks like tiny shrubs and trees when used in art projects. Knowledge of these medicinal uses is available to us because of the contributions of traditional knowledge holders in these cultures. Reindeer Lichens are composite organisms made of fungi and green algae. (Cladoniaceae) is commonly studied Reindeer lichen. Medicinal value (MV), ritual and spiritual value (RSV), food value (FV), aesthetic and decorative value (ADV), bedding value (BV) and ethno-veterinary value (EVV) are the major uses of lichens. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used routinely and periodically only when a person exhibits certain ailments. I love it when I find out that a plant (or lichen in this case) that I’ve seen for years is beneficial in some way. The traditional medicinal uses of 52 lichen genera are summarized in this paper. What you may not have known is that usnea is a super medicinal lichen! 2 For more on general lichen biology, see FFF#062 and FFF#063.The Reindeer Lichen fungi can pair with a variety of algal species to successfully form a lichen. Reindeer moss is popular with model train builders who use it to decorate their track setups. Other Uses. Cladina rangiferina (L.) Nyl. In this symbiosis, the fungi provide structure, nutrients, and protection that allow the algae to photosynthesize and produce sugars for the fungi. REINDEER LICHEN (Cladina spp.) Among the 156 respondents, use percentages were high (51%) for medicinal values (MV) and low for ethno-veterinary value (2%). Reindeer lichens are important medicinal agents. Wildcrafting Weeds . Our study revealed six uses of lichens in the study areas. Two of the very few organic chlorine containing substances occurring in nature, gangaleoidin and diploiein, have been isolated from lichens. The use of usnic acid in weight loss is still disputed. Lichen also thrives with little or no care in extreme weather conditions. Northern native people used reindeer lichen in medicinal teas to treat colds, arthritis, fevers and other problems (Perez- Llano, 1944). Cladonia rangiferina (L.) F. H. Wigg. Foraging for usnea and learning how to identify it isn’t difficult and is the first step to using this powerful natural medicine. The acid from reindeer moss is used in the manufacture of litmus paper. Economic Uses of Lichens Some of these lowly plants have long served as fodder for the reindeer herds of Lapplanders, while others have been the sources of industrial dyes, as those used in the manufacture of Harris Tweed cloth. Lichens are used in traditional medicines by cultures across the world, particularly in temperate and arctic regions. GEORGE A. LLANO Henry Shaw School of Botany Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. Because usnea lichen is highly medicinal, it is not recommended to be taken continuously. The lichens were often assigned medicinal properties based on the ... potential use of lichens as bio‐indicators of radionuclides is very high. syn. It is used mostly as a topical medication, although some consume usnea lichen internally.