On model 91-A metal base, cast with the numbers "91-A" and "405630-A4" Used by Annapolis, Maryland radio station WANN, which operated from 1948 - 1995. Loading... Something went wrong. Even today, some fifty years after its introduction, 44s can be found in broadcast and recording studios throughout the world. The mic is quite heavy and will be fully insured. This mic sounds amazing! The RCA 44 is considered by many to be THE classic ribbon microphone. 44-BX model ribbon velocity microphone used for broadcast studio use. All. History. In the early 1930s, the BBC became aware of RCA's model 44 ribbon microphone that was used in Hollywood. *I'm charging a flat $100 for domestic shipping. This AEA 44 was an empty shell until it came to me and I put a new drive and an RCA 74B transformer in as well that I had in my stash. Jan 23, 2015 - RCA 44BX Restored by Ben at Silvia Classics. The original, instantly recognisable RCA 44 ribbon mic was introduced in 1936, and has been revered ever since, along with its junior stablemates like the 77 and KU3, many of which are still in daily use in film‑scoring and classical music studios around the world. This is the rare & more sought after 44(a). Musical Instruments & Gear; Pro Audio Equipment. Each pair of microphone and amplifier would have cost the BBC £130 (approximately £6,500 in 2009). Related: rca 77 microphone rca 88 microphone rca microphone stand rca 44bx microphone rca 74 microphone. Anything you record with it sounds like an instant classic! As this was not within the BBC's budget, they designed their own microphone, the Type A, alongside Marconi. It's perfect for mono drums, old school vocals, and traditional recording technics. RCA 44-B Successor to the 77A, the 44 could be considered a “cost-reduced” version. Purchase History; Selling; Saved Searches; Saved Sellers; Messages; Notification. Expand Cart. Silk inside screens was replaced, NOS brown RCA cable was installed, metal parts were cleaned, transformer housing was refinished. While this was great for rejecting sounds coming from the side, it did nothing for sounds coming from the back. Include description. View cart for details. The 44 series became a classic in design and microphone technology. In super good condition for it's age. Rich lows, silky smooth mids and highs. A must for every mic collection - from RCA, the inventors of the ribbon mic. However, it was this cost reduction that catapulted the 44 to its legendary commercial success. As new and improved magnet materials became available, newer version were introduced, the RCA 44B and 44BX. History RCA 44A (Left) RCA 77A (Right) The design of the ribbon microphone was inherently bidirectional. Yoke & shock mount included (as shown in pic). 10. Category. A Brief History Lesson.