PRS guitars are world-renowned for their build quality and playability. Well crafted, the guitar is beautifully assembled with parts and woods that compliment the specs to a tee. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Killer Rig is supported by our audience. Some guitar companies excel at both quality and consistency. Overall this PRS SE Custom is a phenomenal instrument. Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Zebrawood has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. These pick-ups really capture the resonance of the body and produce a great mid-range yet bright snap! The combination of the two materials really give this guitar a great mid-range sound. Thanks for signing up. 14th June 2019. Some guitar companies excel at both quality and consistency. The guitar itself is mid present, sparkly and rich without an overbearing low end. Check out our best electric guitars under $1000 for more great reviews! One of the things about a PRS is that the attention to detail is never lacking, and this is true on the SE Custom 24.The double cut away on this body is a very nice feature especially considering the neck shape. PRS SE Custom 24 Guitar. von Bassel Hallak . PRS SE Standard 24 Review. It took a while for the Custom 24 - PRS's original and still best-selling vision - to make it into the SE line, appearing in 2009, four years after the first flat-fronted 22-fret Custom had entered the range. Our review model came in Fire Red Burst, a new finish for 2018 that looks a little more elegant than last year’s Crimson Red. The guitar is also loaded with a volume and tone knob, but the tone knob is a push pull switch. The PRS SE range has offered solid, well-built, great-sounding guitars for years now, and the PRS SE Custom 24 2018 is a perfect example. The beautiful maple top on this mahogany body makes this elegant guitar look like a high quality instrument. The body on the SE Custom 24 just feels robust but is very comfortable on the lap. Its very thin and wide but as a result of this, its fast and comfortable. PRS SE Custom 24 Ltd Ed Roasted Maple. The guitar resonates nicely, especially in E Standard, and was expertly set-up straight out of the box. In a world of mass-made guitars, good quality control is a huge plus. The neck features a 25 inch scale and thanks to the cut aways, its easy to play around on the 24 jumbo fret, rosewood finger board.This wide thin pattern neck has been designed for very fast playing and is indeed easy to play. Need something to spice up your sound? WhatsApp. Wow what a guitar! Both pickups handle pedals well, and only build on the base tone that is retained through whatever gear you’re playing. Reviewed: Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Zebrawood. Maybe your looking for something else? Oh something went wrong. Then you need to take a look. Email. The Sweetwater rosewood top caught my eye and I was planning on grabbing one of those but when I saw PRS … A scale length of 25” makes this guitar sit somewhere between a Les Paul (generally 24.75”) and a Super Strat (generally 25.75”). The PRS tremolo holds it down and keeps everything tuned and perfect along the 25” scale length, while the bird inlays flutter along the rosewood fingerboard. PRS SE Custom 24 Hardware. The Zebrawood veneer provides a darker overtone and extra harmonics that the wood is known for. The PRS SE Custom 24 is part of a more affordable series (that’d be the SE part) from the company, but you’d never know comparing them side by side. It sounds great, has a fantastic mid-range growl to it but is still very balanced throughout its sound options. This instrument could be a go-to in the studio or on stage for leads or other articulate playing that may be called for. Darran Charles. Professional Quality. It’s a 25” solid body electric with 24 frets, but it’s also so much more. Secondly, the SE Custom 24 has a PRS pattern neck. We would love to hear from you! The neck pickup produces a thick, creamy tone without delving too deep into woolly mud, and the bridge boasts an abundance of bite without being overbearing or particularly snarky. Issue #6. Issue #6. The nut is made from synthetic material and the tuners are a PRS designed chrome die cast set that feel pretty good and hold tune well. As I've said in Gi reviews before, names that spring to mind include Music Man, Suhr, G&L and, of course, PRS. The neck on this guitar is a PRS custom design. Its a great guitar! The neck on the SE Custom 24 is a set maple neck and is a wide thin pattern. You just can’t go wrong for what is an amazing guitar and an even better deal. PRS Custom 24 im Test. Die in den Werken der World Musical Instrument Co Ltd. hergestellten Instrumente befinden sich in guter … Torrefied maple brings a new flavour to a familiar PRS recipe, but does it sound and feel as good as it looks? Few months ago I was contemplating an SE Custom 24 vs a used S2 and in almost every case I preferred the SE especially with the discount if going used. It’s a guitar that’s easy to play, sounds fantastic, and will continue to inspire for years to come. Share. Please try again. Produkt anzeigen. Very impressed with the quality offered in this price range. The Mahogany body gives warmness and darkness into the tones. It’s no wonder PRS has such a stellar list of artists when they’re outputing guitars like the SE Custom Zebrawood. The tone is rich but articulate, thanks to the streamlined body and neck. 292 (5 / 5) Die PRS SE Custom 24 SR 2017 gehört zur preisgünstigeren Serie des amerikanischen Herstellers aus Maryland, USA, die er seit den 90er Jahren in Korea fertigen lässt. The neck shape is PRS’s own ‘Wide Thin’, and is ideal for complex chord voicing and noodling because the notes, frets and strings are so close together. The quality of the overall guitar is very noticeable. It is one workhorse of a guitar! This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Zebrawood but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. Lets take a look at some of the key features of the PRS SE Custom 24 guitar. I have played many PRS guitars, some worth thousands of dollars and have always enjoyed them a great deal. Review: PRS SE Custom 24 Ltd Ed Roasted Maple. Review. The guitar is also loaded with a volume and tone knob, but the tone knob is a push pull switch. 21.03.2017. One look at this guitar would make you think it was worth a lot more than it is. Featuring – you guessed it – a Zebrawood veneer over the maple body and – yep – zebra coloured PRS 85/15 pickups as standard, the SE Custom Zebrawood needs no introduction, nor additional aftermarket changes. The sound and feel of this guitar is incredibly good and will truly become your first choice when grabbing a guitar. The PRS SE Custom is one famed body shape, and the Zebrawood Edition of this guitar is a sight to behold. The SE Custom 24 brings an original PRS design to a high quality, more affordable line up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Zebrawood Guitar with Gig Bag, Vintage Sunburst at Thirdly, the SE Custom 24 comes with PRS designed and wound humbucker pick-ups. The pickups feature a coil split on the tone knob, which is a noticeably thinner tone, but not a lesser tone by any means. I have tried many PRS guitars over the years and they are lovely every time, but I still don't own one. Like the recently-reviewed Santana model, aside from the cosmetic logo change, we also have a pickup change. The PRS pickups are resonant in the maple body, and the string sounds bounce off the Zebrawood veneer. REVIEW OVERVIEW.