We recommend meeting with an advisor to help you select the degree that best fits your educational and career goals. Many colleges and universities average the grades and the grade points for both courses. Website Design by Granicus - Connecting People and Government, Website questions or comments? 237 W. Kellogg Road Bellingham, WA 98226 Nevertheless, it’s essential that you find the right school so that you will receive the extensive training that you require to succeed. Not all certificate programs are recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) and not all of these programs are accredited. These events are usually offered during fall and winter quarters-check the college events calendar for more info. While the largest concentration of its members is in the metro-Atlanta area, GAP works to include and represent paralegals from throughout the state. Colleges and universities vary widely as to how they will view repeated courses and how they will compute the GPA. 360.383.3772 Check out the “How to pick a major” link to the right. If you are in doubt as to why you received a "V" grade, you should contact your instructor. Should I pick a major before transferring to a university? Laidlaw Center 116 What grade point average (GPA) will guarantee that I am admitted to the university of my choice? Four-year schools have varying admission deadlines. If a student notifies the registration office by completing a "Repeat" card, the symbol "R" will be placed next to the grade of the other course and the credits and grade points for that course will not be calculated into the overall GPA on the transcript. In fact, the metro-Atlanta area boasts the fifth highest employment level for paralegals in the country. A student may repeat any course that is not designated as repeatable for credit up to a maximum of 2 times (this is defined as two repeats in addition to the original enrollment.) Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Apply now to WCC Utilize our online or in-person transcript request process. The transfer degree you pick will likely depend on what type of major you’re preparing for. ‘Legal assistant and ‘paralegal’ are synonymous terms according to California Business & Professions Code (B & P Code) sections 6450-6456. Associate in Science (AS) - Paralegal Studies The program provides students with the knowledge and skills for entry into paralegal careers in public or private law offices and law-related agencies. Website. Many schools outside of Washington State accept our transfer degrees. National certification is a way for paralegals to demonstrate their proficiency in their field and to distinguish themselves from their peers. For example, if you’re interested in studying business, we suggest the Associate in Business MRP/DTA. The Georgia Paralegal Association encourages entry level paralegals to choose programs through accredited schools or those with ABA recognition. Even if you’re not applying to WWU, this workshop will give you lots of great tips that you can use in any admissions essay. Information about how Whatcom credits will transfer to a four-year college or university can often be found on the respective college's website. Street Law @ WCC is offered in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Can I transfer to an out-of-state college? nivarinen@whatcom.edu, Worker Retraining Coordinator & Passport Program Advisor, WorkFirst Educational Planner & Student Support Coordinator, Whatcom Community College S/U grading (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) is usually requested by students when a letter grade may negatively impact their GPA or when they are taking a class because of interest and do not want a letter grade.