Here is a picture of the remote control: To set the time press the "clock" button at the centre of the bottom of the control (see the position of the finger in the following… It is not a difficult thing to solve this problem that may occur in your Panasonic aircon. On cooling mode after push on button sw 1 min then timer led light out 2 times. The device is highly useful for controlling the temperature of the air conditioning unit. While you’re thinking of getting a replacement for a few broken wires, you must get in touch with electricians for prompt resolution. It is recommended that you check all wires and cables inside your aircon unit. There are various useful tips that can be followed so you’re properly able to clean the air filter without much hassle. When it come to blinking at your AC indicator light, its suppose to be the error code which mean that something problem happened to you AC at indicator, see where it blinking whether at power indicator or timer indicator.. You can contact the Panasonic dealer in your area so that you can get the new thermostat for your aircon. With dirt in air filter, the AC doesn’t work normally in its full efficiency.In a few cases, the dirty filter triggers light blinking issues. How To Solve Panasonic Aircon Light Blinking Problem? A lot of people use the same cooling units in their houses and commercial spaces as well. When the issue occurs, the air conditioning unit doesn’t function in a normal manner. TROUBLESHOOTING• The unit may be operable (with 4 beeps) on a limited basis, depending on the error. If you also suffer from this problem, you should keep reading this article. You can also read the owner’s manual to check some signs or indicators that may be displayed by your remote control. While this might take a little time, it would surely help in reaching as near as possible to the problem. A few air conditioner units might have the aircon timer light blinking issues when they’re having broken spare parts or any item present inside the unit. This air filter should be cleaned regularly so that you can remove any impurities from this filter. Optional Information: Brand: Panasonic Model Number: CS-E24GKR What have you tried so far? In some cases, a dirty filter can trigger light blinking problems in some aircon units. A broken thermostat needs to get replaced through other devices promptly. When this problem occurs, your aircon cannot function normally. You should also contact Panasonic dealers, so you’re able to get a thermostat for the air conditioning unit. : resetting the air conditioner a … Panasonic Air Conditioner Troubleshooting. Before operating the unit, read these operating instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference. This device is handy to control the temperature of your aircon unit. Many thanks. Some remote controls may display certain problems during the light blinking problem. You can check all parts that are located inside this aircon. Cara Mengatasi Lampu Indikator AC Berkedip (Blink) – Lampu indikator AC yang berkedip-kedip (Ngeblink) merupakan salah satu permasalahan yang biasanya dapat terjadi pada AC di rumah kita. You can contact a good company today to schedule an appointment with some of their professional technicians. Solving this problem isn’t a difficult thing with these following steps: You can take a detailed inspection of all the parts located beneath this particular air conditioner. Some useful tips are there for solving this particular issue. When a Fault Occurs the Timer Lamp wil start flashing and the unit stops Turning the Power Off will reset the unit but will not clear the fault code The unit will remember up to three fault codes.