The oven’s durable build helps it maintain good cooking temperatures consistently. More importantly, the homemade pizza it produces is as good as it gets. There are purists out there who insist that you absolutely must use a wooden peel. A little bit of ash might form around the stone, but there’s no need to get into any crevices in the oven to clean it out. Yet, you don’t really need to get it that hot to make pizza. But if you’re out on the road or at a tailgate, and all other means have failed you, it’s always useful to have a backup option. Straight out of the box, this is a sleek-looking oven. This is still good however, and definitely up to the task of high temperature pizza cooking. Our love for pizza is nothing new. The Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven was designed and built with quality in mind. The oven’s performance with propane was disappointing. The answer is, it comes pretty darn close. No payment was received and all … *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Now, the Napoli Pizza Oven can do something that no other portable pizza oven can! If using gas, install the propane burner and then slide the wood burning tray over the burner. However, cordite has been proven to have a higher heat capacity and has far superior shock resistance compared to common stoneware. Unlike most other pizza ovens out there, this one offers a great looking design that is highly modern and unique. Everyone … This site is reader supported and we may earn commissions if you shop through the links on this page. The code is valid until 19th of January 2020. The Uuni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven is one of the bets budget pizza ovens out there at the moment. The brand claims that the oven can reach around 930°F, although in our tests we could only get it to about 850°F. Napoli Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven, Best Giant Yard Games For Backyard BBQ Fun, Best Rectangle Trampolines For Backyard BBQ Party Fun, Can use propane, wood, charcoal or wood pellets, Doesn’t include propane attachment in the original purchase. None of our reviews are sponsored, we are reader supported and may earn money through the affiliate links. Our love for pizza is nothing new. The Lynx Napoli Oven Review Wood fired ovens are all the rage these days, and for good reason. I also like that I can burn pellets, charcoals, wood chinks, etc. Gas-Fueled Oven Heats Up Quickly Because it’s powered by either propane or natural gas, the Lynx Napoli pizza oven heats up faster and requires less attention than wood-burning units. Ft. cooking surface pulls forward for easy access to remove your pizza from the oven. A lot of traditional and modern pizza ovens stubbornly only allow you to use one type of fuel. In this review, we would talk everything about the Napoli Pizza Oven and how it is slightly better than the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven. Topics Shopping review buying guides pizza oven kitchen WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Purists will tell you that you absolutely need to use wood and nothing else. Make…, Photo: BF10 Note: Unfortunately it appears that the Blackstone pizza oven has been discontinued. It has the ability to use charcoal, natural wood, propane, or even wood pellets as the primary heat source. With the pizza only cooking on its stone, you just to wipe down the cordierite. Everyone has their favorite topping, style, and way of making it. The Roccbox is an investment, but for the price you get a pizza oven with an impressive build quality and foolproof functionality. In Italy pizzas generally, have three ingredients or less. If you are going to stay under 600-degrees, you can spare yourself the struggle and potential heartache of a sloppy dough spill, by simply making your pizza on a sheet of silicone-infused parchment paper. The Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven uses charcoal, propane, natural wood, and wood pellets making it one of the most versatile ovens on the market. The more ingredients you add the longer it will take for the middle of the pizza to get done, which could lead to burning on the outer edges. You will also need to invest in a quality pizza peel. Inside the oven, the Napoli boasts a beautiful cordierite pizza stone. Now at first glance, you might think that one pizza stone is as good as the next. This means it can make the most of the staggering 850-degree maximum heat of the Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven. Once the oven has reached target temperature, open the wood access door and add your choice of wood pellets. However, to use the wood pellets effectively, you really do need to buy the propane attachment. The Napoli’s small design is great for the creative and casual pizza lover. Star rating: 4.2/5. The Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The Napoli Outdoor Oven has become one of the most popular home pizza ovens, leading the charge for home pizza cooking. Ft. cooking surface pulls forward for easy access to remove your pizza from the oven. That gives you a lot more flexibility when cooking. The oven does only allow wood pellets, and not wood logs. Its temperature ranges between 300-750 degrees Fahrenheit, but you’ll want to target a 700-degree preheat for pizzas. The Napoli Pizza Oven is most often compared to the Ooni 3 (Uuni) because of the relative size and price point (both at $275 at the time of this article). Then you can let the propane fire do the work of maintaining a consistent level of heat. A 450 to 500-degree temperature range is better for fresh homemade pizza. This use of cordierite comes to the fore when examining the power performance of the Napoli. When the pizza is done, the 400 sq. Pre-shredded mozzarella has additives to keep the strands from clumping. This does not influence the honesty of our reviews. The Napoli is thankfully a breeze to clean. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. At the forefront of the revolution is the Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven. Our Napoli Pizza Oven review is here to show you how it compares to the competition. There are some people who seem to be born with a special gene that allows them to slide a soft, malleable fresh dough pizza from peel to stone with little more than the flick of a wrist. Cheese selection can also be a factor. ©2020 Best Grill Reviews | All rights reserved. In recent years “Food TV” and a love of quality has inspired people to start making their own, rather than paying for overpriced soggy imitators. This 30-inch Napoli Pizza Oven is perfect for grill lovers and pizza lovers alike. It did have a richer, smoky flavor. The inclusion of the smoker and grill allows for a wide variety of possible dinner options. With a black material build and letter box shape, this thing looks almost minimalist in design. In my opinion, this model is for the creative pizza soul. Now at first glance, you might think that one pizza stone is as good as the next. It does this all while retaining heat to cook the base of your pizza. Unlike other types of stone material, cordierite is built to stand up to extremely high temperatures, and can cope with heat up to about 880°F. None of our reviews are sponsored. Not because cooking inside a wood fueled oven adds any flavor (more on that later), but because these units get so hot—much hotter in fact than your indoor oven is capable of. We could taste the fuel in our pizza, and the overall quality wasn’t too dissimilar to a standard kitchen oven. It might not have the daunting build of a wood-fired traditional oven, but what it offers at a fraction of the cost is remarkable. It can be moved, altered, and transformed to work with you and your needs. Although this doesn’t come with the added features of some higher models, this is still a quality pizza oven. If you want true high heat, as well as some nice smoky flavor, I would recommend ponying up the money for the propane attachment. If this sounds like you, then the Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven should be on your radar. Wood and charcoal is great for the purists, but if you’re struggling for time then it’s great to be able to fall back on propane. However, it doesn’t come with the propane attachment, which costs extra. However, this can take some time and experience to develop. Ideally, you want your dough to have a higher water content than say the recipe you use for baking homemade bread. This makes it easy to take out and put away at home, or even taking on the road with you to make the perfect partner for your portable RV grill or camp grill grate. Now the transfer itself is a bit of an art form. One of the highlights of this is the cordite pizza stone. Wood pellets also come in different types and aromas, so while they don’t burn hot or as purely as logs, you can still squeeze some beautiful, woody flavors out of them to improve the flavors of your pizza. Best portable pizza oven for beginners. Outdoor Pizza Oven That Can Use Wood, Gas, Charcoal, Or Wood Pellets. Last update on 2020-11-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Other ovens tend to include cheaper and less reliable materials, like ceramic, with the bulk of what you pay going towards the shell of the oven. Use the server to add your pizza, and cook for about 90 seconds. A lot of ovens or grills are let down by poor temperature retention due to poor material build, so I”m pleased to say that this doesn’t suffer anything like this. As a result many outdoor cookers have developed cleaning trays to help speed up the process.