They kick the snot out of any bodies subs at my school. And whoever says the sensitivity means anything in a sub is an idiot who knowsnothing about car fi. $99.95. 2001 Thunder 8000 Subwoofer. MTX Audio Thunder is $30.40 less expensive than an average car mono amplifier ($209.99). Model: Thunder 81000D 26 watching. nothing these subs have no bass.... i had them for a day and gave them away to a friend who threw them away they suk `, everything these are like my tweeter...... no bass, $1 worst investment ever no they suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | These subwoofers will please all you fashion plates out there. Nothing that a real serious music listener could ever find, tickets, and ringing in the ears when cranked. C $260.61. Great sub. Has a funny sound when listening to them with the sub facing you, turned back they sound great. if you think you can run a jensen amp on this your wrong, 400 watts of clean power will rattle screws out. C $273.70. Discuss: MTX Thunder 81000D - car - amplifier Sign in to comment. C $67.40 shipping. MTX Audio Thunder 8000 series Subwoofers DESCRIPTION The 8000 series have a rugged die cast frame, an enormous magnet structure (102 ounces), and … The data presented is for information purposes only. 0 0. around 60, i put mine up to 100 on em' and blew one out, also to get the full potential of these subs you need a good head unit with strong pre amp outputs, i have a panasonic preamp out put with 1.8 volts and it hits, but not to it's full potential, my friend has a head unit with 4.0 volts pre amp and it hits so much more. Taramps MD 8000.1 was released last year in December. All Rights Reserved. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. I have a Punch 800 running 2 of them in a sealed box and they're great. | For the price they cost and the Quality they are these are a must. Show newer Car Mono Amplifiers. or Best Offer. Update: these are 800w peak each & 400w rms. You would pay more for two orion HCCA 8 inch subs.These subs have great quality and sound Im hittin a 150.3 now with a MMATTS 1200 watt amp.I would definitley recommend it to anyone lookin for deep bass. This website displays data from third party public sources. I have 2 MTX 8000 series 12" woofers hooked up to an MTX 500D amp, these subs hit very hard, the only thing that really needs to be done is leave the freq. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. I've always used MTX subs and I've always had good luck with them. 2001 Thunder 8000 Subwoofer Beyond the Limits of Performance Quite simply, serious competitors choose Thunder8000 because when it comes to winning, there's no limit to how low MTX Audio will go - and we mean that in the best sense. So MTX Audio Thunder, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $549 Taramps MD 8000.1, as seen on the chart below. $399.95 $349.95 Availability: In stock. Taramps MD 8000.1 is $229.10 more expensive than an average car mono amplifier ($209.99). ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. MTX Audio 12" Subwoofer 500 Watts Max 4 Ohm Thunder 35 Series 3512-04 Single. Source(s): 2 mtx thunder 8000 12 subs amp push them: need a strong head unit with good pre amp out put to really get the full benefits of these subs. MTX Thunder T8000 2012 Car Subwoofers are no longer in production. its only weakness is when it hits its hardest you will ruin your hearing and anybody elses in a 10block radius. Answer Save. I paid 728.45 for 3 10 inch 8000 subs not bad being they are compotetionsubs. These subs are great, best ones I've had yet. Lv 4. | JL Audio W6, Rockford punch power, orion hcca. I have 2 mtx thunder 8000 12 inch subs, what amp should i use to push them? 0 0. sainato. I wouldn't recommend this sub to anyone that would want a clean sounding system with clarity. So if you're gonna get this set up, make sure you have a good deck. I paid $225 for a pair of 12's at Ultra Auto Sounds in chicago. $99.30 shipping . Next 10. C $31.75 shipping. C $195.50. MTX Road Thunders Rockford Fosgate Power DVCs Solo Barics. Relevance. Guaranteed by Tue, Dec 1. Models … rockford fosgate, the MTX 8000's get much better deep bass. They are so clean and clear, and I have a smaller car and I'm using mtx's Tri-sub Enclosure, and it fits in my car perfectly and still leaves me with a trunk. i paid 259 a piece, and i would recommend these to anybody who wants to go deaf really shortly. If you are a first time buyer for subs, i would stongly suggest that you look toward a mtx product. T8158 are listed separately at Thunder 8000 2001 & 2003 Subwoofer Archive. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. MTX Audio Thunder 5302 Old school Car Amp 2 Channel Amplifier - Very Rare Amp! I blew four in the first week but thats my falt, I am pushing way to much power to them. I have to say these subs kick ass, I have them powered by 3 JBL BP 1200.1 amps(1050 watts rms@ 12v and 1350 watts rms@14.4v) and they POUND! Models T8104, T8108, T8124, T8128, T8154. Free shipping. Kicker 43CWR124 COMPR12 12" 500W … Sensitivity is a pointless little stat that shouldnt even be a factor in subs.