Heaven In Hair provides conditioning and detangling and is for when curls need more moisture than regular conditioner. discussion. I’ve only used MIM and honestly I didn’t see much of any difference in my hair afterwards. This DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment Heaven in hair mask is wonderful. It definitely has the potential to weigh hair down if your hair gets weighed down easily, or if you use too much. I know MIM is described as more intense moisture. Melt Into Moisture provides intense hydration and softness and is for extremely dry, brittle curls. Now, I am a firm convert, and I’ve stayed true to my DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment for months now. That being said, I LOVE it as a leave in! Reviews Devacurl Heaven In Hair Vs Melt Into Moisture is best in online store. If you are looking for something that smells nice, and provides some slip while intensely conditioning your strands, look no further. I’ll rinse and then put in ArcAngel, and possibly B’Leave In if my hair needs some extra smoothing. I will call in short term as Devacurl Heaven In Hair Vs Melt Into Moisture For many who are seeking Devacurl Heaven In Hair Vs Melt Into Moisture review. Melt Into Moisture is even more intense and moisturizing than Heaven In Hair, if you can believe it! I’ll cleanse and condition with DevaCurl’s No Poo and One Condition Decadence line, and then will follow up with either Melt Into Moisture, Heaven In Hair, or Deep Sea Repair for a treatment. We've more details about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. Melt Into Moisture is even more rich and emollient than Heaven in Hair. DC Heaven in Hair vs. If your hair is truly drier than dry like mine is, your hair would probably enjoy this too. It should be used once a week or as needed for intense moisture. Is there anything else different between the two? Melt Into Moisture? Thinking about giving HIH a try. They use this wash off adhesive in my hair for the leads & it really takes a toll on my (already weakened) colored strands. Since my hair is just so genetically dry and high porosity, I am planning on playing with this one as a leave in, but if your hair is fine and/or gets weighed down easily you might want to always rinse it out. I used this today, after my sleep study last night.