The top 10% of LPNs earn $55,090 annually, while the bottom 10% earns $28,890 annually. According to the 2019 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an RN is $73,300 while the average median salary for an LPN … This depends mostly on cost of living and demand. RN vs. LPN Salary. Nevada, $52,760 The LPN or LVN who aspires to a higher level of responsibility in nursing and a higher salary, can become an RN by completing an LPN to RN program offered by many community colleges and four year programs at colleges and universities. According to the 2016-2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the … RNs also set up plans for care once a patient leaves a hospital or nursing home, as well as explaining how to care for themselves or family members at home. They may take on responsibilities such as caring for sick and injured patients, assisting in rehabilitation treatments and supervising certified nursing assistants and orderlies. LPN average salary vs. other occupations. There are many different types of … Comparing nursing to social work is akin to comparing apples and oranges, so it is not really a fair comparison. Those interested in a career in health care may be deciding between pursuing the educational requirements of a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a registered nurse (RN).While it's true that students can expect to land a job sooner as a LPN than they can as a RN, LPNs … All LPN candidates must take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to become licensed and obtain a job. LPN vs. CN vs. RN, Average Salary and How to Become a Practical Nurse April 14, 2020 . To become a registered nurse, graduates must take the National Council Licensure Exam. The median yearly pay for registered nurses nationwide in 2016 was $70,000. After completion of their studies, aspiring LPNs/RPNs must complete the national licensing exam before beginning a career in health care. There are online LPN to RN programs also. LPN or RN Salary: Who gets paid more? The top ten percent of RNs earned more than $98,880, whereas this figure was $58,710 for LPNs. RN and LPN salaries vary by experience and area of specialization. Barbara Ruben has a master's degree in journalism and has written career-based articles for The Washington Post, Working Mother and Chron. They may also continue their education to obtain certifications in various treatment areas, such as IV therapy or CPR. The duties performed by LPNs vary by state regulations, but most take vital signs, change bandages, insert catheters, and help patients dress and bathe. Nursing care facilities pay LPNs the highest median annual wages of $48,840. By contrast, here are about 3 million registered nurses working in the U.S. By far, the largest number, 61 percent, work in state, local and private hospitals. Another 18 percent work in ambulatory health care services, such as doctors' offices and urgent care centers, while 7 percent are employed by nursing and residential care facilities. Hospitals often require RNs to have a bachelor's degree. Use this as a quick reference for total employment figures, hourly wages and average annual salary for … This is because RNs … LPNs will likely earn lower salaries than RNs. 0 Likes . Generally, the more years of experience a nurse gains the more he or she will get paid. Infofreak411. The median salary for LPNs is $39,820. As managing editor of a group of newspapers for older adults, she also writes about transitioning from work to retirement, post-retirement jobs and the gig economy. This depends mostly on the cost of living and demand. Get Latest Practice Questions, and Medical Jobs. In general, nursing … BLS Quick Facts for 2012 show that LPNs (or LVNs) earn a median pay of $41,540 per year or $19.97 per hour. As an RN with a lowly associate degree, I earned more money than $65k annually without any overtime in a low cost-of-living state. LPN Vs RN Salary LPNs earn an annual salary of $40,900. Because of these differences in training and responsibilities, RNs generally have much higher salaries than LPNs. Experienced registered nurses are paid $66,990, while late-career RNs earn a median of $70,051. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR ADVICE ABOUT CHANGES THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR HEALTH. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual licensed practical nurse salary in 2017 was $45,030, meaning half of the LPNs made more than that amount, and half earned less. They may take your temperature and blood pressure, providing initial care before you are seen by a doctor. The rate of hire as well as salary levels for RNs and LPNs … ALL THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE IS INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, AND SHOULD NOT BE INTERPRETED AS MEDICAL ADVICE. In my honest opinion, a salary of $65k for a position that requires a graduate degree is not that much money. The largest number, thirty-eight percent, work in nursing and residential care facilities, while 16 percent work in hospitals and 13 percent are employed in doctors' offices. The number of LPN jobs is expected to grow by 12 percent between 2016 and 2026, while RN jobs will increase by 15 percent, both much faster than the average job growth rate. Mid-career LPNs earn $41,255 per year, while those with the greatest amount of experience earn a median of $44,214 . Working as an LPN can also be a good way to … Generally, more positions are available to RNs in these areas than LPNs. Most RNs earn an associate's degree in nursing in a two- to three-year program, or obtain a four-year bachelor's of science degree in nursing. Here is a list of LPN/LVN salaries for all states in the United States. Mar 12, 2015. The lowest LPN annual median pay is $41,270, earned by those in doctors' offices. LPNs must complete a year-long education program that is approved by the state in which they plan to work. Both LPNs and RNs will see their job opportunities grow over the next decade as the population ages and chronic conditions like diabetes continue to rise. The difference in the entry-level salary of LPN versus RN, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is approximately $17,500, with LPNs earning a little more than $34,000 annually and RNs roughly $52,000. About 724,500 LPNs and licensed vocational nurses, a similar job title, were working in the U.S. in 2016. RN and LPN salaries can vary greatly from state to state. The lowest LPN annual median pay is $41,270, earned by those in doctors' offices. Once licensed, LPNs/RPNs may provide nursing services in a variety of settings including acute care, long-term extended care, home care or community care. Read more about LPN salary outlook here. The Salary of a Forensic Nurse Investigator, The Average Wage Paid for Entry-Level Employment in Nursing, Difference Between Professional Nursing & Vocational Nursing, Bureau of Labor Statistics: Registered Nurses, Bureau of Labor Statistics: Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses, Nurse (RN) Salary, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Salary, Nurse Journal: LPN vs RN + Roles & Responsibilities. Licensed practical nurses can be an essential member of a medical team. See the below salary table outlining the increase in pay from an LPN vs RN position by state. Some RNs specialize in a medical area, such as pediatrics or oncology.