Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The pressures of the hospitality industry are high – there’s long hours and food preparation, service, management, marketing, purchasing, inventory control and personnel administration to consider to name just a few. Share them in the comments, and your examples may be used in a future column! Ethical Issues in the Hospitality Industry - Chapter Summary. Tourism is an incredibly easy industry to sabotage, for there are always alternative destinations. Introduction . When the United States’s housing bubble burst in 2008, and banks The study of ethical issues in tourism … Keywords: hospitality ethics,ethics,general managers, ethical issues in hotels. There is a growing concern for business ethics in the hospitality industry as hospitality professionals are faced with ethical dilemmas in their daily operations. Managers also menti oned diversity issues and theft by both guests and employees as ethical issues of concern, and shared stories about their experiences. Ethical travel dilemma 4: ‘Controversial’ countries. Fraud or mistakes by independent contractors or employees can cost travel agents staggering sums of money. Example case: Lucky you, you’re currently enjoying a year-long round-the-world trip. What ethical dilemmas do you face in your business? ethical issues. Guiding Principles for the Tourism Industry. Ethics in Hospitality Industry. Complex and interesting ethical issues affect this broad industry whose business ranges from restaurant operations to tourism-based businesses. During your trip you are likely to pass through countries that are considered politically controversial with almost absent human rights. 1 WTO News, May 1997, p. 1. Here’s a look at critical legal issues for … Numerous codes of ethics have been developed that are aimed first at tourists and second at the tourist industry as a result of a growing concern over alleged irresponsible practices by tourists, the tourist industry, and governments. There is then the question whether tourism is “responsible” or politically correct. Consider these 5 Key Legal Issues That Affect the Hospitality Industry Staying in foreign-owned places. tourism development and the rational use of its benefits. The model of sustainable tourism development is now considered to be the sole option we have. 53 Public personnel attention to the ethics surrounding health, safety and accessibility issues in tourism can do much toward protecting the public and the "health" of this, the world's largest industry. Ethical tourism. Notes.