It’s a bit heavy but I like the weight. Threading is also easy even for beginners without any experience. Your email address will not be published. I also like the quiet operation. Perhaps they’re more skillful than me or have done it a lot of times so it’s nothing new and hard to achieve. Everything was going fine & suddenly it went from even stitches to mini stitches. She is very portable, as I take her to sewing lessons without any problem, but was wondering if there is a ‘heavier duty’ Janome, or Pfaff machine after DC2050 and would value your comments/suggestions. Beginners will be happy with it because learning to sew will be a delight. Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime if you need any assistance or advice. In addition, conveniently situated functio… I turn the machine on and off and I am unable to set a MODE I tried the “reset” to factory settings and it still does not let me select a different MODE. The drop feed is easy to use but one of my favorite features is the locking stitch button. I do not need fancy stitches but good quality stitches. It’s perfect for people with busy lives thanks to the time-saving features like automatic thread cutter and so on. This machine brings great value for money and offers fast and efficient sewing in many ways. If you are in the market for a new sewing and quilting machine, regardless of your skill level, you owe it to yourself to visit your local Janome dealer and ask for a demonstration of the Skyline S5 before making a final decision. Vernelle’s review is right on the money; I think the S5 (and fancier S7) are like baby sisters to the Janome MC 15000 in many ways only without the embroidery attachment. Can you tell me if I can use an OB-S on the Skyline S5? I cannot remember the last time when I purchased feed for any of my Janome sewing machines. Ultimate Guide, Sewing, Embroidery Machine Product Reviews, You Are Here: Home » Machine Reviews » Janome Skyline S5 Computerized Sewing Machine Review. Advanced and intermediate users enjoy it as well. The Skyline S5 is large and sturdy enough to handle those large quilting jobs, but small enough to be stowed away when it is not in use and space is a concern. You will need to press the start button to start your machine’s computerized sewing. I’m in the market for buying a new sewing machine. Would it be able to handle an occasional upholstery or canvas project, or is it not strong enough for these fabrics at all? The Skyline S5 isn’t an exception but brings great value for money. In all honesty, the Janome Skyline S7 looks almost exactly like the Skyline S5to me. I still grin every time I press it. does this also have a backlight, as well as an LCD? The Janome Skyline S5 is an excellent sewing and quilting machine for the novice as well as the individual who has been sewing for several decades. You will get a sewing buddy for life. The ability to reverse stitch is important because it allows you to stitch in reverse super fast at the push of a button. The fact that you can thread this unit like many sewing machines in the market makes potential buyers skeptical about buying it. If you need a heavy-duty machine, the S5 might be the right choice for you. The on board accessories case is not only functional, it is easy to open and close while it is in place, a feature that is not always as user-friendly on some other machines. A free-motion foot and walking foot are also included. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As for the life expectancy on computerized models, it depends on the brand and model. It’s flexible with a dial on the top of the unit. Read more here. The bobbin winder includes 5 inbuilt cutters under to use before you wind it. Intermediate or advanced users will enjoy the S5 for sure. The presser foot level is big and easy to locate on the back of the unit. Can anyone tell me or does anyone know what coulod be wrong ? Also, I like the memorized needle up/down and automatic thread cutter. I was using my old Janome This sewing unit allows you to remember stitches and will sew them in order by itself. When Janome contacted me a few months ago, asking if I would review their new machine Skyline S5, I couldn’t jump at the opportunity fast enough. It’s years I read your reviews, in fact, after reading one of these I’ve decided to buy a Janome DC2160 If you want extra control over your sewing, you can use the foot pressure adjustments. Another feature that I like is the memorized needle up/down position. I used a super long stitch of 4 to hem a pile of leggings into shorts. This machine looks good, but I do a lot of sewing with thick layers on bags and with leather. The exact same thing is happening to me Therese ~ I was at a loss for words how to describe it but you did perfectly. E.F.F came with machine. The Skyline S5 comes with all the features necessary to start your first project or realize advanced tasks you throw at it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your help. All rights reserved. Hello from HOT Sun City Center, Fl, Instead, you can recall your last stitch and continue the work you stopped. Skyline S5 uses 6 LED lights in 3 locations and a bright backlit LCD touch screen that includes a stylus. The Skyline S5 has a memorized needle up/down, and a superior plus feed system which makes it even more appealing. Also, I like the memorized needle up/down and automatic thread cutter. Have you rectified it? You will get a rolled hem foot, a free motion foot, walking foot, a zipper foot, and so on. I am living proof that creative sewers don’t need a high-end sewing machine to realize their ideas but, to be honest, I really enjoy the benefits that come with this one. The stop switch slows the machine into the stop position. As you expect from Janome, the construction of this unit is top-notch as well. The spacious bed makes this machine perfect for home décor tasks and larger quilting with ease. Buying a high-end sewing unit will definitely make your work a lot easier and help experience problems and frustrations you encounter with low-quality sewing machines. Previously, I had a budget-friendly machine that didn’t cost me much. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A bit less expensive with fewer bells & whistles. My only question to you is that on the fabric selection it seems to only handle light to medium weight materials, denim being the heaviest. It’s a real workhorse and sews like a dream. I have two favourites right now: the Husqvarna Viking Opal 690Q and the Janome Skyline S5. When setting the Janome Skyline S5, you will notice many diagrams and a beautiful digital screen on the right panel. Some of those features include one-step buttonholes, 170 built-in stitches, start/stop button, automatic thread cutter, snap-on presser feet, and great lighting. Bought the machine in 2014 and can’t recall if lever on E.F.F. If the tension is set higher, your fabric will gather as you sew on many sewing machines. I have it on auto tension and have tried adjusting it.mingot it for Christmas it was working fine and now I can’t get a straight stitch. Anyone who has been sewing consistently for a long time will be pleased with the convenient features and the ease of operation as well. Now I am thinking to upgrade. Having trouble with my Janome skyline s5. © 2012-2016 I read in your review that it does not handle multiple layers of fabric well, which is a concern! If you want to adjust the stitch length or width to accommodate a special desire, merely use the up and down arrows beneath the bright blue LCD display.